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Friday 9 March 2012

Hey everyone !!
Hope you all are doing great and had a great Holi and celebrated Women's Day by pampering yourself !!

Remember how I had posted about the IMBB Fashion Contest I had taken part in it? Well I have reached a step closer to the final round.
Here's the picture and the link to my entry for the round 3 of the contest... 

Here's the detailed picture of my outfit-

Pants- ZARA
Bag- Oriflame
Watch- Playboy
Earrings- Vero Moda
Shoes- Local shoe store
Necklace- Globus

I need your votes & support again to reach the next round of the contest. Please go through the link - 
and vote for my by clicking the FACEBOOK LIKE / TWITTER Button on the side or below my picture.

Your votes would mean a lot to me !!!
Loads of love


  1. so pretty your top!


  2. Just an hour back or two I was searching something for my project, don't know how I found your blog and since then I could not stop myself reading it and appreciating it. I read all your posts and loved each one of them equally. :) :*
    To my wonder how do you manage to find such cool chic stuff from sarojini? I have been there a couple of times,but everytime I come buying stuff which goes into trash later on. :| :P

    and there is really a nice dress I purchased for my b'day last month from Promod, DLF Promenade, and now I am like clueless how do I accessorise it. I wish if I could show that to you.

    anyway, In Love with your blog now. Keep posting.
    (Just realised my comment is much lengthier than your post . :( :P
    bear it this tym)


    1. Thanks a lottt for appreciation NEha !! : ) Means a lottt to mee..
      About shopping at Sarojini- u know my 1st 2 hauls there were a complete disaster- I could not understand abt d sizes, what to buy etc. nd had ended up buying crap !!
      But with time ( I have shopped there 5 times now since I have landed up in Delhi 2 yrs ago :D ), I have got to know abt d particular shops where I can get genuine branded stuff & how to bargain & find a great deal!! You can come along me the next time, if u wanna know!! :D : )

      ND hey you can send me ur dress's picture at my email ID- theshopaholicdiaries@ymail.com ; I would try my best to help u with choosing d accessories!! : )

      Much love

  3. Loved the whole look. and my pick is your pants!! they are gorgeous!!

  4. Super pretty and colourful :)

  5. I voted for you!! :) Looking lovely as usual! I hope you win those awesome gifts girl! <3<3


    1. Ohhh I hope sooo too.. Nd if I win I plan to have a huge giveaway at my blog too :D :)

  6. You look so good, nice outfit!

    If you want we can follow also with bloglovin, google+, twitter and facebook?

    Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!
    Cosa mi metto???
    Enter the Romwe giveaway on my blog!

  7. Hola!

    Like your blog and your style!!

    follow you!!!



  8. I loved your outfit..polka dots and leather pants..well the two are from a completely different genre but you have made them work really well..
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. I am glad you liked my post. Please do visit me again :)
    P.S I voted!!

    1. Thanks Agam!! Nd well about the outfit- M still learning.. :) :D hehehe..

  9. love your yellow cute shoes! :)


  10. Am sooo Glad to see your reply. :D
    You know what,Same here, Even My visits to Sarojini Nagar have been no less than complete disasters (as I mentioned earlier too) the only difference is that they still continue to be. lol.

    and Yes, I'd love too. Am not much of a fashionista though but then ofcourse, I looooooove shopping, so we can always talk , talk and talk some more about it. :) Your Little Pen friend I can be. =)
    And yes,I'l mail you the picture of my dress. (My b'day is gone now, it was yesterday) but then nevermind I would still want to show it to my new discovered Pen (e-mail) friend, Can't I? :) and with that I'd send you the picture of a necklace too which I gifted to myself for my b'day..


    1. Hey Neha !!! First of all belated HAPPY B'DAY !!! : )
      Nd Ofcourse we can become E-mail friends!! Infact I think if u love shopping as much as I do, we would make great friends :D
      Nd hey yes u can surely show it to me, I love showing my stuff and vice-versa!! Its great funn!! : )

      Hoping to hear from you soon- Email FRiend !! : )

  11. I love the complete look .. I found your blog very interesting. Find time to check out my collections :)

  12. you look pretty. wwww.turtok.com

  13. Hi, thanks for sharing this..!!
    Your blog looks awesome, specially the background image.
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