Friday, January 27, 2012

GLOSSYBOX Beauty is coming to India !!!

Hey Everyone !!

I have an AWESOME news for you all. I am sure you must have had heard about GlossyBox Beauty, and if not you can know about it now as its Coming To INDIAAAA !! yes yess.. Now we would be able to try all the luxury products before purchasing, just by taking a monthly subscription of INR 700 and free Delivery.

What's GlossyBox?? 

GLOSSYBOX Beauty, an idea born from a team of beauty lovers who got tired of wasting time and money buying the newest beauty products without the opportunity to try them to understand if they are right for us. GLOSSYBOX Beauty has grown to become the world’s leading premium beauty subscription company. We are present in 14 countries on 6 continents, and they are now COMING TO INDIA!

Each month, hundreds of thousands of women around the world eagerly await the delivery of their GLOSSYBOX Beauty to discover amazing new beauty products. They send out a gorgeous box filled with a surprise mix of 5 high-end travel- and full-sized beauty and cosmetic products from world’s top beauty brands. This gives women the chance to experiment with new products in the comfort of their own home.
They are going to send our first boxes in March

Tomorrow they’re going to start their first contest on Facebook, in which they’ll give away a 3-month subscription.
They have launched their website, which includes their soon to be launched blog, which will cover fashion and beauty here in India with an international perspective. They are also on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube, so please connect with them to get the GLOSSYBOX Beauty fun started here in India!

So what are you all waiting for?? Grab the opporunity now !!!


GLOSSYBOX Beauty is coming to India !!!
Wednesday, January 25, 2012

OOTD - :O :P ;)

Hey everyone...
Today is a veryyyyyyyy lazzyyyyyy day.. I just woke up having slept for around uhmm.. I don't know but MANYYY HOURSSS... Because I have nothing to dooo... Huhhh.. Earlier I used to lament on my busy schedule at college, but now we are totally free, with only 2 classes a week and well rest of the week , we have nothing to do at alll... As am a hosteller, I dont even have the privilege to go back home every week like some of the localites studying at my college.

But anyways I realised I haven't posted in a while , and although I wanted to post about my recent haul; I just don't feel like clicking soo many pictures. So just for the record I purchased the following things this whole month-
  • I went for 2 shopping hauls at Sarojini Nagar market , Delhi and I bought 4 jackets ( yayy yayy :D ), a dozen tops, woolen shorts and 2 shrugs; you might see a few of these in my upcoming posts.
  • From the Sales, till now I visited Woodland & Vero Moda ; and I purchased a jacket from Woodland ( and they have an amazing collection of jackets, I must say); a polka dot tube dress from Vero Moda, a black top and a pair of jeans; a Polka dot skirt from Lifestyle & a pair of ballerina. I also purchased a black dress from Vero Moda when I was back home last week. Here's the picture I could find from the internet for it-
  • Back home I purchased 4 pair of shoes.. yes yess I may sound crazy noww.. But 4- 2 of them ballerinas, 1 pair of suede boots & a black wedges.. Ohhh I just loveee them.
Uhmmm.. I guess that's all from my shopping trips this month. And I still have to go to Zara & Mango maybe next week.. And my mom and friends are shouting at my that how much I have spent this month.. Uffff.. And I dont seem to be tired & satisfied yett... :D ,, Can a Girl be ever satisfied with shopping??

Anyways this was what I had wore last week while I went to the mall with my friends. This jacket is one of those which I purchased from Sarojini Nagar market.

Jacket- Thrifted
Shirt- Local Store
Pants- Asos
Shoes- Local store


Well that's all for now.. Sorry for writing such a longggg post... Do tell me about what you shopped from the recent Sales and any great deals you would like us to know???
Till then, Take care..

OOTD - :O :P ;)
Friday, January 20, 2012

West- Indian-Ized???

Hey fellas..
How are you all doing?? I have come back home today as its my mom dad's 25th Wedding Anniversary this Sunday , so we are having a small Paath ( religious recitation ) at our place. 
Anyways as I came back I got hold of today's newspaper and saw something which made me very proud being an Indian..
Heheheh.. Its nothing that some Indian got awarded or something, but just that how Indian designs & customs are now being famous Outside India.

Here are a few examples from the recently organized 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards in California.

Hollywood actor Catherine Rusoff donned a Salwar Kameez complete with heavy embroidery on the panels, a dupatta & traditional jewellery to go with it at the red carpet and she looked Gorgeous.
What do you all think?

On the other side actor,at the same event, Guy Pearce' wife Kate Mestitz flaunted a Lord Ganesha tattoo on her back which had a beautiful design.
West- Indian-Ized???
Monday, January 16, 2012

OOTD- Shopping Time !!! :D

Hey everyone..
Hope you enjoyed the weekend. I pretty much enjoyed this entire week thanks to my shopping sprees and theater workshop I joined at college for which we performed a street play today.

I went out shopping Sarojini Nagar twice again, once last Saturday and another few days ago. Both the times I went out to assist my friends but well it seems, I ended up buying more clothes than my friends had bought together :P
I guess the best part shopping at Thrift stores is that you can end up buying more clothes than you can buy in the same amount from a branded store.. Its funnn.. But well certainly, I believe, thrifted goods don't match up in quality as of the branded goods. Do you agree???

Anyways this is what I was wearing during my last shopping trip with my friends. I had bought this cuteeeeeee Coat from a local store (in my hometown) and bought the Asos pants online which were last mentioned here.

The bag was gifted to me by a friend, and I guess its most useful while shopping at Thrift markets as you can stuff it up without having to carry small Polythene bags the shopkeepers give to you for purchasing each item.
Coat- Triya
Pants- ASOS
Watch- Titan
Shoes- Local Store
Bag- Gifted by friend

I went to Lifestyle ( Noida, India ) yesterday and purchased a veryyyyyy cuteeeee Polka dots skirt which I would be wearing to a party soon.. So an exciting OOTD would be up soon. I have purchased a lotttttt of things in the past week which I do want to share but then it would lead to clicking sooo manyy pictures which I cannot do right now, as I have a couple of interviews coming up.
Do let me know if you want to see my hauls, I would share them up with you next week or I have other interesting posts to write too : )

Till then, Take care.
Loads of love

OOTD- Shopping Time !!! :D
Friday, January 13, 2012

Cosmetics Haul from !!!

I am not very fond of applying cosmetics, but yes I am veryyyyyyyy fond of buying them and using them once in a while ( occasionally or when I am feeling to look lil good :D ).
I had heard about VIOLETBAG.COM since a long while but was waiting to purchase something I really need from them.

And then came my friend's birthday, I was thinking of what to get for her and then finally when she told me that she lost her lip gloss I decided to get her one from Maybelline Color Sensational range ( and also a book - XL to XS because she always cries about being FAT- ufff...).
Also I had heard about Maybelline's Gel Eyeliner so I purchased it to try it out and bought a Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara & a Lakme Sheer satin gloss shade no. 21 .

Lakme Lip gloss Shade no.21

Maybelline Lip gloss Touch Of Toffee

Sorry but I forgot to add the swatches,  I'll add them soon. : )

About -
  • It is an one-stop Indian website which sells cosmetics, skincare products, perfumes, etc.
  • You can find many famous brands like Lakme, Maybelline, Olay, Loreal etc., all available under one website, thus making it easy to choose from various options.
  • They have many International brands too like Valentino, D&G , Diesel etc.
  • VioletBag offers discounts on majority of the products so you can always be sure of getting great deals.
  • The shipping was fast-I received my parcel within 3days of placing the order. Isn't it cool?? :D
  • The navigation across the entire website is very easy as they have categorized the products by Fragrances, skin care, makeup etc.
  • You can check the entire range by clicking HERE.
Rest I guess you all must have read the reviews about the website at different sources, so that's all for now.
I went to Vero Moda yesterday- couldn't find much because the veryyy good stuff had lower discounts and they had added stock from previous sales too; but yes I bought a dress , a top & a jeans. Also I bought a Jacket from Woodland- they are having a flat 40% off on Apparels. You all must check Woodland for their smart jackets.

Would be going to Zara & Mango next week, would share my hauls soon. Right now am back to watching GOSSIP GIRL, coz am ADDICTED to it :D
Take care

Cosmetics Haul from !!!
Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And the Giveaway WINNER Is ????

Hey everyone !!! 

The Shopaholic Diaries' International Giveaway ended on 8th January, 2012. Thanks a lot for your support & participation. There were in total 306 entries from different parts of the world.
Also I would like to thank everyone for giving nice suggestions like adding more OOTDs and also NOTDs. Though I am not very good at nail art but yes I'll try to do a post on it soon.

So finally its time to announce the lucky winner. Below is the list of all the entries for the Giveaway, you can check your name in it.

And after Selecting a winner from, the lucky one who would get all the goodies is- No. 82 ie. BUTTERFLY - Surabhi Limaye

Surabhi you  need to revert back to my mail or on this post within 48 hours to be eligible to get the prize or else I'll have to select a new winner.
And all those who didn't win this time, don't worry there would be a new giveaway soon during Valentine' week. So just stay tuned, this giveaway is not the end of the world.. There is much more to come.

Thanks a lott everyone for your continuous support & appreciation to my blog and well I am sooooooo happy to announce that I have crossed 200 followers.. This is such a happy moment for me- I know part of it would be because of the Giveaway but still the comments & the appreciation is enough for me.

Once again Congratulations Surabhi, I hope you would like the gifts.
Take care 

And the Giveaway WINNER Is ????
Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas / Holidays Haul !!!

Hey everyone !!!

My 100 Followers Giveaway is now officially CLOSED and I would be announcing the winners in 2-3 days. I went shopping again yesterday with my friends, infact I Was guiding them on how and what to shop in SAROJINI NAGAR, Delhi. I got amazing stuff this time from SN- few summer tops, jackets & a woollen poncho which I would share with you all later.

Last month I had went home during Christmas-New Year holidays and did some shopping. We don't have Christmas celebrations in this part of India ( Punjab-NCR) much except casually going out with friends & family and cutting a cake or munching pastries.

As there was no Santa getting me gifts, my dad became SANTA and gave me some money to SHOP.. 
And well I invested it wisely ( I think so, but you all can tell me better if I did invest the money wisely or not). I bought the following stuff from some local boutiques.

I am looking forward to wearing the Beautiful RED woollen shrug soon for a party, can you please guide me what to wear it with?? I am thinking of pairing it up with WHITE pants but can't decide upon a top. 
Anyways my next shopping haul would be on Wednesday now, when am planning to check out ZARA, Mango & Vero Moda- Only, I hope I find good stuff and then I'll take a break of atleast 2 weeks before I shop anything MOREEEE.. I promiseeeeeeeee... I just hope I stay by this promise coz I just CANNOT RESIST SHOPPINGGGGGGGG :((

Take Care. Thanks for stopping by and reading the post.
Loads of love & hugs.

Christmas / Holidays Haul !!!
Saturday, January 7, 2012

Latest shopping Haul at Sarojini Nagar , Delhi !!!

Good morning lovely readers..

Hmmm.. So it turns out I still don't have a job, I kind of hadn't liked the package & the profile offered by the last company in which I appeared so I don't feel bad. We have better companies visiting our campus.

Anyways back to the post, the haul is not even that latest as it sounds by the title. I had gone shopping at Sarojini Nagar 2-3 weeks ago but couldn't post about it. So thought of finally sharing them all with you.
Ansh from Vanity No Apologies recently posted a very nice write-up about shopping at Sarojini Nagar, so I don't think I need to explain more about the market. Also I have shared about it earlier in this post.

So coming directly to what I bought from the market this time-

V neck Sweater

Dark Grey Overcoat

Shrug with Balloon Serves

red sweater


Pink blouse with a front pocket
I had also bought a Black off-shoulder sweater which I was earlier wearing here.
I got great deals at all of the above with the Overcoat being my most expensive purchase from the market  ( Though as compared to the Branded stuff, it came dirt cheap :D ) and all the others I got at the same price .

Rest I am planning to go there tomorrow again as I want to buy a Jacket in light stuff & a polka dot top. Hope I find good deals again tomorrow.
I am planning a trip to Select City Walk, Saket next week to check out the latest sales at various brands. Here are the Sale Updates if you are living in India and don't have a clue about them yet-
MANGO - upto 50 % OFF
ZARA - upto 50 % OFF
VERO MODA - upto 70 % OFF
ONLY - upto 70 % OFF
LA SENZA - clearance sale!

PEPE - 40 % OFF
WESTSIDE - upto 60 % OFF
Hope this helps you all. Would be sharing with you all my X'mas haul in the next post. Also my International Giveaway comes to an end on 8th Jan, so join now if you haven't till now by clicking here.
Take care. XOXO
Latest shopping Haul at Sarojini Nagar , Delhi !!!
Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cupidity- What A Girl Wantss !!!

Hey everyone
Such a lovely & foggy morning it is here in NCR.. I have an interview process in another 3 hours.. But I don't feel like giving it.. They waste our whole day.. : ( : ( But well would have to go .. Aakhir naukari ka sawaal hai.. :P ( After all Its a question of my JOB ).
Anyway I decided to write a post to get outta this boredom & tiredness..

Today I want to share with you all a brand of bags I have personally liked for a while now from amongst many Private labels growing through Facebook.

CUPIDITY is a brand By Karishma & Masumi .

From totes, wallets, shopping bags, satchles, cross shoulder bags, laptop sleeves, ipad covers & makeup pouches, they offer it all, with an added advantage of easy home delivery & payment options
They can even customize bags for you all as per your requirements.
Cupidity- What A Girl Wantss !!!
Monday, January 2, 2012

OOTD- New Year Eve Party in College !!

Happy New Yearrrrrrrrrr everyone... I know am a lil late in wishing u all, but I was a lil occupied yesterday so couldn't write a post.

I know you people must have had great fun celebrating the new year with your family & friends and am dying to read your experiences, So don't forget to share them with me in the comments below.
Being away from my family, I spent my New Year Eve with my friends at our College Party held in the campus itself. It was a fun night with a BORINGGGGGGGGGG DJ but yesss amazing Friends though I missed my best friends who had gone home that time.
But I managed to have some fun yesterday night too { winkk winkkk ;) } ..

Being a chilly night & coz we are not allowed to wear dresses, I decided to mix & match a lil casually.
So this is what I was wearing-
Sweater Dress- Thrifted ( Promod)
Black Top- Local Boutique
Black Tights- MAX
Shoes- Local Store

Jacket- Thrifted
 Well that's it for noww... Am working on few posts now to share my hauls from Sarojini Nagar Market, Delhi ; My Christmas Shopping & haul from Would post them soonnnnnn...
Till then wishing you all once again a very Happy & Prosperous New Year !! : )

Loads of Love & Hugs
OOTD- New Year Eve Party in College !!