Latest shopping Haul at Sarojini Nagar , Delhi !!!

Saturday 7 January 2012

Good morning lovely readers..

Hmmm.. So it turns out I still don't have a job, I kind of hadn't liked the package & the profile offered by the last company in which I appeared so I don't feel bad. We have better companies visiting our campus.

Anyways back to the post, the haul is not even that latest as it sounds by the title. I had gone shopping at Sarojini Nagar 2-3 weeks ago but couldn't post about it. So thought of finally sharing them all with you.
Ansh from Vanity No Apologies recently posted a very nice write-up about shopping at Sarojini Nagar, so I don't think I need to explain more about the market. Also I have shared about it earlier in this post.

So coming directly to what I bought from the market this time-

V neck Sweater

Dark Grey Overcoat

Shrug with Balloon Serves

red sweater


Pink blouse with a front pocket
I had also bought a Black off-shoulder sweater which I was earlier wearing here.
I got great deals at all of the above with the Overcoat being my most expensive purchase from the market  ( Though as compared to the Branded stuff, it came dirt cheap :D ) and all the others I got at the same price .

Rest I am planning to go there tomorrow again as I want to buy a Jacket in light stuff & a polka dot top. Hope I find good deals again tomorrow.
I am planning a trip to Select City Walk, Saket next week to check out the latest sales at various brands. Here are the Sale Updates if you are living in India and don't have a clue about them yet-
MANGO - upto 50 % OFF
ZARA - upto 50 % OFF
VERO MODA - upto 70 % OFF
ONLY - upto 70 % OFF
LA SENZA - clearance sale!

PEPE - 40 % OFF
WESTSIDE - upto 60 % OFF
Hope this helps you all. Would be sharing with you all my X'mas haul in the next post. Also my International Giveaway comes to an end on 8th Jan, so join now if you haven't till now by clicking here.
Take care. XOXO


  1. Wow.. Wonderful collection :) Especially the pink ballon shrug :) Happy new year Nikki.. Have a successful year!

  2. nice haul! love the waistcoat :)

  3. I love Saorjini......the shops even have shoes in my size...woot woot and I love everything you bought!

  4. what a great bargain, love that red sweater :)

  5. Wonderful purchases!! :) I came to Delhi this New Year's eve and enjoyed shopping at Vero Moda, Only and Westside! :) Sarojini Nagar rocks! :) Hope you have a good time shopping!

    Surabhi. :)

  6. loved the red sweater and the ruffled shrug! i envy ur closet. :D
    all these sale alerts are driving me crazy. :-/

  7. Hi Nitika :)
    I just dropped by your blog & I love it ! I love that v-neck you bought - So lucky!
    Following you right away :)

    Do drop in at my blog

  8. Loved the pink shrug :) :) happy shopping

  9. i'm loving the baloon shrug and the waist coat. love sarojini for the awesome bargains. i'm planning to go again!

  10. the pink shrug looks so cute!
    its adorable!!!
    do an outfit post sooooonnnnnn

  11. Great haul! I like the v-neck sweater and dark gray overcoat!

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  13. Sarojini Nagar market in Delhi is very old and popular, despite of opening of many swanky malls in the city, the popularity of this market has increased not decreased. People still love to roam the streets of its markets, eating fast food from the roadside vendors, buying clothes from roadside vendors, taking sip of tea & coffe while walking around.

    Here one can find even many outlets of big global clothing and accessories brands as well as roadside vendors who are selling new and used outfits at very cheap price. This market is good for both men and women looking for garments, footwears, household things, kitchen ware, house ware, vegetables, fruits, fashion accessories, furniture, etc.

    Here ladies can find a number of varieties of designer ladies kurtis, designer sarees, and latest designer salwar kameez.

  14. Nice dresses displayed! In fact Sarojini Nagar market is not only popular for brand new clothes but old and used clothes too. Here you can find lots of street vendors selling used, defected and old dresses at very minimum prices. There are almost plethora of such shops.

    Apart from this SN market is mostly popular for latest designer kurtis, designer salwar kameez, sarees, jeans, ladies top, jackets, skirts, and fashion accessories.

  15. Amazing shrug collection especially the pink one! You know there is a fabulous contest going on where you can win shopping vouchers. Simply write a fashion blog post and treat yourself to shopping vouchers.

  16. Hey there! I stumbled across Ur blog and loved it. I am visiting Delhi from Lahore for the fashion week on the 8th of October and really needed help. I need to find where I can buy jaipuri razais from (other than fab India and anokhi) and also since u are the queen of sarojni nagar, which are some good shops for export level kurtis. Some friends of mine brought back amazing sequenced kurtas from SN. I've only been to Delhi once and maybe I didn't know the market well, but all I saw were stalls with almost second hand stuff. Would really appreciate your help on the kurtis and the jaipuri razais. If u could point me to a shop that would be excellent. Oh, and chikankari, Lucknow stuff chandi chowk the only place? Thnx. Please help


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