Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Review / First Purchase from | ASOS Shopping Haul

Hey fellas !!
Hope you are all doing good..

Since past few days I got many queries about shopping with, an international shopping website offering free shipping internationally.

I had tried making a purchase with them in the past too, but my debit card would never work with their server. So finally, when my friend got her new debit card I tried making a purchase and Voilaa..It was successful. I placed an order for a very cute & smart pair of ASOS Pleat Front Twill Trousers and a Boudoir Lace Bandeau.

I received the pair of trousers today so thought of writing this post as a reply to all the queries and also sharing my experience with the website.

What I loved about the website-
  • Free Shipping- So far the only international website I have come across offering free shipping without any minimum purchase required. What more a shopaholic could ask for?
  • Great Variety- You can find products from different brands as well as from ASOS's home brands at the website. And they have soo much to offer.
Review / First Purchase from | ASOS Shopping Haul
Thursday, November 24, 2011

OOTD- The Animal Print !!!

Hey lovely readers !!

This post was lying in my drafts since many days, but finally I got time to post it. I had my first job interview today, but I couldn't get through the 2nd round. Am a little disappointed, but then as it was my 1st interview only- I guess it was more of a learning experience. I would prepare more hard for the next interview ( which is tomorrow only. Wish Me Luck Plzzzzz :D )

Anyways I went partying with my friends last week and as it was decided just at the last moment , I really couldn't decide what to wear at such a short span of time. I picked out this skirt from GAP I have always loved and decided to pair up with a top from Globus gifted to me by my best friend. I didn't know it would work out sooo well.

Top- Globus
Skirt- GAP
Watch- Globus
Ring- Globus
Bag- Cherry Berry

OOTD- The Animal Print !!!
Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thrifted Shopping / Winter Haul !!

Hey everyone !!
Hope you all are doing great !! I am a lil occupied and tensed coz of the placement season going on. I haven't yet appeared for any interview because of some location constraints, so I have high hopes from a few companies lined up for us in coming weeks. I hope I get a placement soon :((

Last weekend I went thrift shopping for few casual wear I wanted for these winters. I prefer buying casual wear from Thrift shops / export surplus shops or markets like Sarojini Nagar because these are the clothes I wear a lott and thus tend to give them away every season or stop wearing them once I get bored. So its better to buy clothes at lower prices and then throw them away rather than buying Branded clothes at high prices and regret not wearing them often.
As winters are coming up and I still have college for 3-4months, I decided to buy clothes I would be wearing often at my hostel / daytime. So this is all what I bought.
I bought the Brown tunic and the blue top from a store in Ludhiana and the rest from different shops in Lal Quarter Market, Delhi.

Last three items are my favorite, the colors and the style are soo Chic. 

So what do you all prefer wearing- Branded or local-made??? Would love to know about your shopping preferences or favorite shopping places.

Well that's all for the day. I had went shopping with my friends today to Vasant Kunj, also coz I was dying to check out Forever21 and the best malls of Delhi- Emporio, Promenade & Ambience- But more on that later.

Have a great weekend.
Take care. Thanks for reading.

Thrifted Shopping / Winter Haul !!
Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jewellery & Accessories Haul : )

Hello everyoneee !!

Hope you are having a great weekend !! I had a great one too, with all the shopping I did yesterday but now back in class ( I mean who keeps a class on sunday??? Ewwww ) and getting bored. So well I Thought of sharing with you all the jewellery and accessories I bought in the last 2 weeks from Globus and some random street shops.

I bought a statement necklace, stars pendant, earrings and few rings. Here are the pictures-

All the above jewellery is from Globus except the Stars necklace which I got from a local store and found it soooo veryy cuteee !! : ) 
I love Globus and Westside for their cute and affordable accessories. Statement rings and necklaces are a must have this season.

I got few cutee hair accessories too yesterday while I was out shopping for winter stuff ( I would post about them later ). Here they are-

The stones hairband is my fav- I found it at such a low price- I am lovingg it to the core. And I guess I cant have too much of HEARTS  & BOWS accessories. I Have sooo many of them till now, but still what I find is them in cute colors ( mostly Pinks ). But we girls love them.. Don't we??

Well that's all for the day. Sharing with you all this awesome video by Britney- Womanizer- dedicated to all the Heart breaking LOSERS !!! :D

Catch ya all later and soon with an OOTD. Have fun and take care...

Jewellery & Accessories Haul : )
Thursday, November 10, 2011

The High Heel Story Continuessss !!!

Hey everyone !!

So am back with my new post about the 2 gorgeous pairs of heels I bought few days agoo !! finally I got time to write and share about them!!
I got 1 of the pairs from an export house near Rajouri, Delhi and other from Fashion and You. Without any blabbering much, these are the pictures-

Miss Sixty


These are my 1st pair each of Miss Sixty and Fornarina shoes.
Miss Sixty is an Italian brand of women's clothing and shoes which opened in India in 2009.
Fornarina is also an Italian brand which was founded in 1947 and is a very famous shoe brand abroad, but I dont think it has yet opened in India.
Amongst the 2 pairs I love the Fornarina one more coz of its comfort and quality : )

At one point of time I had hated High heels and used to wonder that how come girls are able to wear, walk and even dance in these heels; But when I got my first pair I got hooked to them. They indeed look soo sexyy and elegant. You just have to grab the right pair which is more comfortable than sexy, coz at the end its all about your health.

I guess wedges and platform heels are best when it comes to high heels as they are more comfortable to walk in. ( Coming up next with a post on different types of heels : ) )

That's all for the day, I have 3-4 posts lined up in the drafts so in the coming days you all would be getting more of my posts. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing them. 
Thanks for reading.
Loads of love

The High Heel Story Continuessss !!!
Monday, November 7, 2011

Cosmetics Haul with

Hey lovely readers !! Hope you all had a greatt weekendd !!

I received my Healthkart package few days ago, actually I received it 2 times, you would just get to know how !!
I had read about this website at many blogs few weeks ago, also had seen its ad at Facebook many a times.
But as I mostly buy my cosmetics from stores, I never thought to give it a try. But when I lost my favorite Lakme lip gloss, I was soo shattered ( am not exaggerating it, I was very sad & furious :D ) So I ordered it right away along with few other things.

I ordered a Lakme Lip love Hottie gloss, Lakme Face Sheer in Desert Rose, Garnier Anti Dark Circles Eye Roll-on, Elle 18 Eye Sparklers in Gun Powder and Elle 18 nail pops ( 38).

Here are few pictures of the products I had ordered-

Cosmetics Haul with
Saturday, November 5, 2011

Blog Award - Tell me about Yourself !!

Hey people !! How's the weekend going??
I was having a boring one, sitting in the class and attending boring presentations when I checked my blog and read AGAM's ( from Trimmings & Lace) comment. She has awarded me with a - TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF award !!

I feel happy and elated now. Also since last few days I was receiving praise for my blog and efforts from some of my batchmates, whom I thought never noticed my blog or made fun of it.
So this award added to my confidence. : )

Award came with some rules which are - 

  • Thank and link back to the person who awarded you.
  • Write 7 random facts about yourself.
  • Pass on the award to 15 other bloggers.

So here I gooooooo- 

  1. I am a die-hard shopaholic , as the name of this page suggests, my friends even celebrated my bday this year as SHOPAHOLIC's day !! Hehehe..It was sweet : )
  2. I plan to open my own multi-brand store in a couple of years, I hope I achieve this aim.
  3. I love to keep my room , wardrobe and other stuff in a very organized manner. I even keep a diary to record all the money I spend in a day and on what things I spend it.
  4. I always keep throwing my phone or forgetting about where I kept it and looking for it like crazy :D
  5. I have a fascination for everything pink and cute and keep collecting stuff like keychains, dolls, pens etc. just coz they are wayy toooo cuteee :D
  6. I started this blog while I was getting bored during my summer internship and read few other fashion blogs which inspired me a lott..
  7. I am too possessive about my belongings and get veryy angry and disturbed if I lose any of them :X
Now I want to say thank you and award this blog to 15 other bloggers who are my favorite and have inspired me a lottt !!!. Here they are-
Well that's all for now, I just received my HealthKart package and well would be posting about my experience with them soonnnnnn... 
Till then thanks for reading my blog and supporting me always everyone. 

Take care
Blog Award - Tell me about Yourself !!
Thursday, November 3, 2011

OOTD- Rocking it with a LWD !!!

Hey lovely readers and friends !!
My Bday is over and well at a lil annoying note !! Coz I had kept my b'day celebrations on hold for a placement interview at my college- which never happened !! Because just 5 mins before the Aptitude Test we got to know that Non- engineers weren't eligible !! And so there went all my hopes to get placed with this company and also came out all the anger I had kept inside for ruining my b'day plans !!!
huhhh !!

One of my best friends is leaving for Pune this Friday, and I had thought of celebrating my b'day with her but had postponed it for this stupid interview. But well .. I cannot change it now. I am going over to her place tomorrow and we'll go out shopping one last time before she leaves !! I hope it would compensate a lil  : )

Back to the post- I found this very interesting video at Youtube showing 10 different ways to wear a Little White Dress !! Have a look  -

And well this is what I wore a week before Diwali when I went clubbing with my friend. The dress from FCUK is soo elegant and perfect fit, I love those ruffled sleeves. I added the black brooch which was a part of a necklace I had bought from WESTSIDE. And well adding my fav pair of stilettos from METRO did wonders to the whole look. Don't you think soo?? : )

Brooch- Westside 
Dress- FCUK
Shoes- Metro

So how did you like my look? I dont like playing much with accessories in summers as I sweat a lott so I just prefer wearing a watch and small earrings, But I do like wearing statement necklaces and bracelets in winters. And well the winters are here back again, so I need to take them out and start wearing them a lott.
I have got 2 new pairs of high heels, which am dying to share with you all - but more to them in the next post.

I need to go watch HIMYM noww.. Its fun watching Barney - Isn't it?? :D 
Hope you liked the post !! All kinda comments and suggestions welcome. Please share your views in the comments below !!

Loads of loveeee..
OOTD- Rocking it with a LWD !!!
Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Birthdayy to ME !! : )

Helloooooooooo fellassss !!! : )

Its November 1 and well its my BIRTHDAYYY !!!  So first of all a veryyy happy birthdayyy to meeee !!! : )
I just celebrated it with my friends in my hostel, and here's the picture of the cake !! you all can have your virtual share of the cake :D 

My friends gave me a special surprise by decorating this wall- celebrating my blog and love for shopping !! Isn't it sooo sweet n cuteee?? This is the bestessttt surprisee I have ever gott !!

Well earlier I had hugee plans to celebrate my birthday, even had bought a birthday dress. But alas we have companies visiting our campus for placements and I have to prepare and sit for that, so all my birthday celebrations have been postponed. But I'll be going for lunch with few close friends tomorrow !!
That's all for now !! Just wanted to make this post to tell ya all about my birthday and gather wishess!! ( Come on.. Its my birthday.. I can be as silly I want to beee :D )

would post about my birthday dress and everything else later.. I need to go sleep noww, as I have a Yoga camp to attend tomorrow morning ( yes yess.. I am being health conscious.. I need to be-.. Its my birthday :D )
Would catch ya all with an OOTD or an intersting post soon. 
Take care !! 

Happy Birthdayy to ME !! : )