The High Heel Story Continuessss !!!

Thursday 10 November 2011

Hey everyone !!

So am back with my new post about the 2 gorgeous pairs of heels I bought few days agoo !! finally I got time to write and share about them!!
I got 1 of the pairs from an export house near Rajouri, Delhi and other from Fashion and You. Without any blabbering much, these are the pictures-

Miss Sixty


These are my 1st pair each of Miss Sixty and Fornarina shoes.
Miss Sixty is an Italian brand of women's clothing and shoes which opened in India in 2009.
Fornarina is also an Italian brand which was founded in 1947 and is a very famous shoe brand abroad, but I dont think it has yet opened in India.
Amongst the 2 pairs I love the Fornarina one more coz of its comfort and quality : )

At one point of time I had hated High heels and used to wonder that how come girls are able to wear, walk and even dance in these heels; But when I got my first pair I got hooked to them. They indeed look soo sexyy and elegant. You just have to grab the right pair which is more comfortable than sexy, coz at the end its all about your health.

I guess wedges and platform heels are best when it comes to high heels as they are more comfortable to walk in. ( Coming up next with a post on different types of heels : ) )

That's all for the day, I have 3-4 posts lined up in the drafts so in the coming days you all would be getting more of my posts. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing them. 
Thanks for reading.
Loads of love


  1. I never get the right deal when it comes to shoes. Wish I were as lucky as you.

  2. How much did you get those Fornarinas for and which export house dude? :) I live in rajouri!!

  3. Hey tanya !! Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    I found the export house during an exhibition at Pacific mall. They gave me their card nd told me that they have their store in Rajouri. I guess the name was- Kainali !! ( I am not sure, the card is with my friend- would let you know in a day or 2 ). The heels for around Rs 1500 !! : )

  4. I am so so jealous. You both shoes are gorgeous but fornarina just stole my heart!! :(((((

  5. hehehe!! thanks jiyaa !! they r indeed my favs too !! lovee themmmm !!

  6. You like these shoes? They are awfull, I have much better ones.

    1. This post is almost 4 years old when I had just started blogging, I am sure there are better pairs than these NOW. :)

  7. Thanks for sharing


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