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Thursday 24 November 2011

Hey lovely readers !!

This post was lying in my drafts since many days, but finally I got time to post it. I had my first job interview today, but I couldn't get through the 2nd round. Am a little disappointed, but then as it was my 1st interview only- I guess it was more of a learning experience. I would prepare more hard for the next interview ( which is tomorrow only. Wish Me Luck Plzzzzz :D )

Anyways I went partying with my friends last week and as it was decided just at the last moment , I really couldn't decide what to wear at such a short span of time. I picked out this skirt from GAP I have always loved and decided to pair up with a top from Globus gifted to me by my best friend. I didn't know it would work out sooo well.

Top- Globus
Skirt- GAP
Watch- Globus
Ring- Globus
Bag- Cherry Berry

What do you all think?? This is my first piece of animal print clothing ever. I never thought I could carry it off well :D
But the way this outfit turned out, I have become confident of wearing animal prints.
The shoes from  METRO earlier featured here because they are soo comfortable while dancing. I don't think I can have enough of these heels. I simply lurvvvvv them :D
The bag has also been featured earlier Here- I love the fact that it goes well with soo many outfits !!

I tried out another piece of animal clothing yesterday too, while I went for an event at Indian Habitat Centre, Delhi. But more on that later.
Do share with me your views on my outfit, and if you are a fan of animal prints or not?

I would rush now to have a little rest and then prepare something for the interview. I am just hoping to get placed soon.
Catch ya all with another interesting post soon.

Take care. Loads of love...


  1. You look adorable! I love your posts, they are so interesting! I like to look at what people wear. Hello from your sicilian follower in Rome, Italy!

  2. love the top!!!
    and the blue flower ring looks adorable!!!

  3. you look lovely.. The shoes are really nice.. I also wanna go to Indian Habitat center.. :D
    Thank you so much for your awesome comment on my blog dear :)
    P.s hw did u make that beautiful header?


  4. @Akanksha- Hey thanks for stopping by !!
    I found this picture somewhere and well just edited it a little :D

  5. Hello Nitika,
    Thank You so much for following my blog. Now following you too.. :)

  6. Hi sweety, thanks for visiting Frills & Thrills :)
    You look so pretty, the ring is great!

  7. hello and thanks for your comment!!
    I'm your newest follower!
    Miss Starshiny

  8. Thanks for dropping by my blog. <3

    You look awesome in that outfit, and good luck for your interviews to come. :)

    The Cat Hag

  9. I am such a fan of animal print, I have several items with animalier on ! You pulled it off great, I like your outfit ! You're invited to enter my Chanel & Too Faced Giveaway !

    Follow Fashion and Cookies

  10. I love animal prints too!
    following you now:)

  11. I like the animal print blouse and you wear it darn well..simple and classic..animal prints need no exaggeration :)
    All the very best for the interviews..do share the good news :)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. I am glad you liked my post. Please do visit me again :)

  12. @Shopstyleconquer- Thanks for the advice.. I would keep that in mind d next time !! : )

    @agam- thanks for wishing me luckk !! hoping for the best!! :D

  13. love your bloggy it's very cute!!! it's unique!! def. going to be a follower now! hope you'll stop by my blog and to check it out and if anything sparks your eyes to become a follower as well

  14. Wow that ring is fabulous! Great outfit. Btw: thanks so much for the sweet comment! & of course we can follow each other. If you love fashion videos you should totally pass by my yt channel! :)


  15. following you know! thanks for the sweet comment! I'll certainly will def. come back

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    Un saludo www.centrodemesa.org

  17. Give me some animal print. LOVELOVELOVE. Rawwwwrrrrr.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  18. I loved your blog dear.
    Thank you for your visit on my blog.
    I'm following you too.
    I loved the look.
    Have I put on my list of blogs.

  19. I am not such a huge fan of animal prints, but would admit that you look great in this outfit.

  20. Thanks for your lovely comment! Am following you now.

  21. Thats a great outfit. Skirt is nice and well-fitted.
    Inviting you to my fun fashion giveaway
    I'd be so honored if you participated.

  22. Really nice top! I love animal print too!

  23. You look so cute! Leopard print is always a winner!! :)

  24. Love the look. Animal prints always give a sexy and edgy look


  25. Thanks everyone for appreciating the look !! : )

  26. Nice and perfect looking outfit..


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