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Friday 29 November 2019

With a busy lifestyle and long working hours, maintaining a good level of fitness and motivation can get really difficult - but thankfully we now have the best of technology for help, and sometimes in the most surprising ways. 

I am talking about one of the most efficient ways to track your fitness levels while still looking stylish - a fitness watch. And I have found out a perfect smartwatch that's not only technologically advanced but also wouldn't burn a hole into your pockets : Hannspree Hanns.w Smartwatch - which is now available on Amazon India.

The latest offering from Hannspree Hanns.w, this smart watch is like your all-around life coach that will inspire you to get fitter and better.

Here's looking at its main features :
You can use your favorite picture in your phone as the watch face
Camera Control, Pedometer, Blood Oxygen Monitor, Music Control , Mobile Alert and many more one-touch functionalities

Heart beat tracker : The watch features an all day resting and active heart rate tracker that consistently monitors your heart during different sports activities as well

Elegant and versatile watch band, Lightweight design 
Fast 1 hour charging with magnetic plug on back of the watch.

If you're still wondering why you need this smartwatch, well imagine this -  
Hannspree Hanns.w Smartwatch can not only receive your calls or texts, but also help check your blood pressure, blood oxygen as well as monitor your sleep. And if that's still not enough, it would also help monitor your step count and would congratulate you once you achieve your daily count.

Also, one full charge will easily last you a whole week or even more, depending on your usage. The watch also supports Hindi language, isn't that pretty cool?

Ever since I have got my hands on this watch, I wear it almost all the time - and it has not only motivated me to meet my daily step goals (after all who doesn't want to hear a congratulatory message every day about having met your fitness goals);  but also to look at my overall fitness as I can regularly keep a check on my sleeping habits, blood pressure and heart rate. 

In fact, I had no clue that our heart rate could fluctuate during activities like drinking coffee or having a stressed-up meeting. Being more aware about my heart rate has helped me analyse my daily life activities better and acts as a reminder that I need to calm down at certain times. 

Verdict : With its reasonable price-tag and stylish looks, I think Hannspree Hanns.w Smartwatch is definitely a must-have if you are also looking for a fuss-free, minimalistic and smart watch that gives you what you pay for - step count, fitness tracker and major phone function control; while also working out as a versatile accessory with all your outfits. 
So go get your hands-on this cool smartwatch now on Amazon.in!
Also, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can avail a 10% off on the watch between Nov 29 to Dec 2. 

Click here to know more : http://bit.ly/HannswNitika !


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