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Sunday 16 June 2019

When it comes to our health , we've often asked ourselves 'Am I healthy?' to 'How healthy am I?'—this shift in attitude has been spurred by the ease of health check-ups and medical tests that one no longer needs a doctor's appointment to carry out. Thanks to modern technology, everything from our blood to hair strand can be swabbed from home and sent off for detailed analysis to a pathology lab.

And its really essential to get regular screening tests as they can catch a health condition even before it starts showing symptoms, helping you take preventive measures. These check-ups could be quarterly, twice a year or yearly. This becomes even more important if you have a lifestyle which makes you prone to health risks.

One lab that has made health checkups easier and simpler is SRL Diagnostics Lab - that is present across major cities in India and is one of the most preferred labs by medical experts.

As part of my regular health check-up, I recently had the chance to visit SRL Lab in Goregaon, Mumbai and review their services first-hand.

About SRL Diagnostics :
"SRL is the leading diagnostics company in India with an impressive reach, providing superior quality diagnostics services to its customers via an efficient network of labs and collection points. SRL Diagnostics has 397 networking laboratories; 24 radiology/ imaging centres; 44 NABL and CAP-accredited labs; and a footprint spanning more than 6739 collection points. The company has large labs in Dubai and Nepal, and about 70 collection points in various countries outside India. 

The brand has also recently bagged the prestigious ‘Best brand in diagnostic services in pathology and radiology’ award at The Economic Times Best Brands award- 2019."

Experiential :

SRL has a large number of collection points across India, making it easier for those leading a busy lifestyle or those who don't have a lab nearby to get their test samples collected from their house as per their convenience and check the results online or get them delivered to their house.

Home Sample Collection Kit
However, I decided to visit the lab as I also wanted to experience their lab facilities, which definitely didn't leave me disappointed.

Their Goregaon lab is super specialised with a smooth and structured process right from entering the lab to getting your test reports. I have also shared a brief lab tour on my Instagram page which will give you an idea about their high quality standards and efficiency.

With SRL, your regular health-checkup will also feel like a “wonderful” experience, as you can not only get specific medical tests done but can also choose from their various full body checkup that have been customised to suit different health needs and lifestyles.

Various Health Packages available at SRL Diagnostics
I decided to go for their Fitness Care - Weight Control package that helped me analyse my overall health as well as any underlying reasons for weight gain through a series of 74 tests that cover general health, diabetes, thyroid, inflammation and various other tests.

I was surprised to know that I could all get these tests covered in just Rs 3,599 which is less than half of what one might have to pay if these tests are done individually.

While I was waiting to collect my test reports, I was glad to know that they have a really comfortable cafeteria where one can relax and have a cup of tea, especially after a long and exhausting day.

But the best part definitely is that you can also get the tests reports online, if you want to save yourself the hassle of visiting the lab again.

After seeing my reports and discussing with my family doctor, I felt quite relieved that I am not suffering from any ailments and all my major health reports were normal. I am glad that I chose SRL Diagnostics as mine and my family's healthcare partner. 

A healthy mind and body are something that a lot of us often take for granted. All it would take is just a little attention on our part to have a healthy body and lifestyle. Therefore, I would totally recommend that you should also opt for a health check-up on regular basis with SRL Diagnostics to evaluate your overall well being and to help identify any ailments or issues in their nascent stage making their treatment far more easier.

After all, Prevention is Better than Cure!
Check more about SRL Diagnostics at - www.srlworld.com 


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