Review : The Perfect Selfie Phone for those on a Budget - VIVO V5S | Moonlight Camera Smartphone

Monday 22 May 2017

Hey lovelies!

Hope you all had a nice weekend! I am back with another smartphone review, for another phone that's making noise in the Selfie-crazy youth.

I am talking about the recently launched VIVO V5S selfie smartphone - which has been priced at a budget that will suit all the tech freaks as well as the selfie-phone diggers.

Vivo is one of the few smartphone brands that keeps bringing updates to its popular smartphone models every few months, and this time they have come up with an update to the V5 model with VIVO V5S.

We got our hands on the brand new V5S few weeks back and I've been using the smartphone - specifically for pictures since then. Based on my experience, here's what I think are the best features of the VIVO V5S: 
  • Impeccable Looks, Sleek Design : The smartphone has a sleek and smart metal unibody design weighing only 154 grams, featuring a 7.6mm slim chassis with a 5.5-inch display. The standout feature is the fingerprint scanner (like those in iPhones) that works as the home button as well and functions accurately. One of the sweet deals is that its Gorilla Glass 3 display comes pre-applied with a tempered glass.

  • Power-packed Performance : V5S has a 4GB of RAM and an internal storage of 64GB (the previous model had only 34GB) that can be extended with the external storage slot as well. This makes the phone really fast while switching in-between apps, playing games or watching a full HD video. 
The V5S has a 3000-mAh battery which lasts entire day with moderate usage. Infact, a full charge done once is good enough to make the battery last for 18-20 hours with regular usage like Whatsapp, listening to music, calls etc. 

  • Moonlight Camera for those great Selfies : Now, coming to my favorite feature of the smartphone - also the selling point of this phone is the 20MP front moonlight camera which is one of the best selfie cameras in the smartphones of this range. 
Here, I took a few pictures with its impressive front camera in different light conditions - and the pictures came out really sharp and bright - even in low light conditions. 

Selfie with Nimrat Kaur at the launch event

#NoFilter Selfie - Morning

#NoFilter selfie using the Moonlight flash - Night time
The VIVO V5S has a 13MP rear camera which also performs decently and helps take sharp pictures.
The only con being that you have to hold the phone really firmly, else the picture goes for a toss.

Overall Views : Priced at Rs 18,990, VIVO V5S is one of the best smartphones in the market currently under Rs 20,000 bracket with an amazing selfie camera, great battery life and sleeks design.
If you are on a budget and selfies/taking pictures is your main criteria while buying a mobile - VIVO V5S is definitely a better buy with value-for-money, as compared to other brands in the same league.



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