#SubscribeToSmooth with Gillette Venus | Week 2 Update | Shaving Myths and Facts

Saturday 26 September 2015

Hey lovelies!

I am back with the Week 2 update of my #SubscribeToSmooth challenge with Gillette Venus.
So its been two weeks since I started using the amazing Gillette Venus razor and so far I have used it twice to shave off the hair from my legs.

In today's post, I will not only be sharing my experience and how my skin feels- post two weeks of starting Shaving, but will also try to bust few myths related to Shaving.

So I usually wait for atleast 15-20 days to shave off the hair but I could see a little growth after 10 days of using Gillette Venus and I had to wear a knee-length dress for a party, which made me go for using the razor for the 2nd time.
This time as well the shaving experience was really smooth and pain-free, and the razor also removed small hairs as my hair growth is quite slow. I didn't experience any ingrown hairs or dry skin post hair removal.

Did my experience break some common Myths related to Shaving? Read on :

  • Shaving regularly causes Hair to grow darker and faster - 
Shaving does not cause hair to grow back thicker, darker or faster. Research shows that hair growth, colour and texture is constant for an individual and depends on genetic factors.

  • Shaving makes skin Dry - 
Shaving hasn't made my skin dry or flaky. Infact, it makes skin feel smooth by exfoliating the top layer of dead skin cells.

  • Pushing hard will give a closer Shave - 

Putting too much pressure on your razor can actually cause nicks and cuts. Use a light touch to get a relaxing, smooth and close shave.

  • There's no need to use a Shaving cream - 
It is advised to use a specialized shaving cream or gel like like Satin Care lubricate to help provide a layer of protection against nicks and cuts keeping skin well hydrated. It also helps you keep track of where you've shaved to help you avoid missing any spots.

  • Shaving over the same area repeatedly will give better results - 

Shaving one spot over and over will irritate skin. If you're having trouble with rough spots or stubble, it may be time to change your blade.

Do you also know of more common myths that you have heard about Shaving? Let me know in the Comments below so that I can let you know in the next post if its a Myth or Fact.



  1. I prefer shaving because I like to avoid pain whenever possible!


  2. this product is really good. i also use the same product.


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