#SubscribeToSmooth with Gillette Venus | Week 1 Update | Do's and Don'ts of Shaving

Wednesday 16 September 2015

Hey everyone!

Hope you remember my last post on the Gillette Venus event and #SubscribeToSmooth challenge? I am back with my first week update on the same and also I am going to cover some precautions that one must take during shaving process.

As I already mentioned that I have undergone Laser Hair Removal for upper-lips and under-arms, I decided to go ahead with Shaving off hair from my legs first to see the results.

Before talking about the features of Gillette Venus razor and my experience with the same, here are few Do's and Dont's that you must keep in mind before Shaving -

Dos and Don’ts of Shaving

Do stretch and shave - The underarm skin and behind your knees is supple and flexible to allow movement at these jointed areas, which can make it harder to shave as the skin moves with the razor. To keep these areas as taut as possible for a cleaner shave, stretch your arm up and reach your hand behind your shoulder, and pull your leg straight

Don’t soak in the bath for too long before shaving - The skin will over-hydrate and swell slightly as it begins to absorb water. This will compromise the smoothness of the shave. The optimum time for a pre-shave soak is approximately one to two minutes

Don’t apply too much pressure on your razor - A precision made female razor like Gillette Venus is designed to glide with minimum effort over the skin’s surface. Forcing the razor can end up leaving you with nicks

Don’t worry about direction – Modern razors are so effective that you can shave in any direction that feels comfortable to you. However the hairs on our underarm area grow in random directions so for a truly clean shaven feeling you need to work in a variety of directions also

Do leave fiddly bits until last - Ankles, back of knees and thighs are best dealt with as you get into the flow of a shave and are most in control of the razor

Do store your razor correctly - Store your razor in an upright position and somewhere dry. Do not leave it on the bath side in pools of water as this is a breeding ground for bacteria

Don’t rub your razor to try to clean it with brushes or towels, simple rinsing should do the job - You could blunt the blade and damage the coatings - these blades are incredibly fine and you need that coating.

So, these are some basic tips that one must keep in mind for a smooth Shaving experience.

Moving on to the new Gillette Venus razor, it has the following advanced features which make it unique and better than other razors out in the market :

  • It features 3 curve-hugging blades that allow a flawless finish with virtually no missed hair.
  • It has protective cushions that glide over skin very gently.
  • Gillette Venus features a contoured non-slip handle that is designed  to fit perfectly in your hands, providing great control while using it in the shower.
  • Its one of the unique features is that it's inbuilt with natural ingredients like Aloe and Vitamin E that leave the skin soft and smooth.
So far, I have used it just once over my legs along with the Gillette Satin Care Shave gel which is rich in Aloe Vera and helps prep up skin for a smooth, pain-free shaving experience. It helped the razor glide through very smoothly, without causing any irritation or rashes - which is one of the Pros of shaving as Waxing used to leave many rashes and redness on my skin.

I haven't faced any dryness (YES, No Dryness!), and after a week I can see a little growth (I have a very slow hair growth naturally) which I plan to shave off now. That's why so far I am very happy with the results of the first Week but then I would share more details in the coming posts.

 You can purchase Gillette Venus razor online from Amazon Here
The Gillette Venus razor is priced at Rs.199; the cartridges (pack of 4) is for Rs.449 and the complete gift pack costs Rs.849.


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