#ItsPersonal - Future of Fashion in Mobile-only World and what it Means for Fashion Consumers

Tuesday 28 April 2015

Hey lovely readers!
Hope you all are doing great and enjoying reading the latest posts. Just a day before I was analyzing my blog readership and what just surprised me was the number of readers who are browsing my blog from their mobiles. When I had started out my blog, it was all about notebooks and laptops, and 90% of my readers used to come through these devices.

That was also because even though the world was being revolutionized by smartphones, the Internet Connectivity over phone was still poor and websites weren't compatible to work on many smartphones.

But in the last 2 years, Smartphones have taken browsing Internet to another level. You can not only read your favorite blogs or news with a click on your mobile, you can also easily shop on-the-go with Online Shopping Apps like Myntra that have made shopping really perfect.

Currently, I am getting almost 25% readers landing at my blog through Android devices and 10 % from iPhone which is pretty impressive. This also pushed me to make a mobile-compatible website and I am also working on getting an App designed to make it easier for my readers to browse my posts on the-go.

Not only this has made the Fashion industry really competitive, it is also serving as a boon for consumers ie. us the Fashion lovers. Imagine while browsing through clothes at a shopping mall, you come across a dress which is perfect but looking at the price, you wish it was on a discount.

Well, you can instantly take out your smartphone and look for the dress at one of the best Mobile Shopping Apps in India like Myntra to look for a better price. Sounds perfect right? Why pay more for a dress, when you can easily get it at a better price delivered right at your doorstep without actually having to visit a shopping mall.

Such has been the impact of Mobile Shopping that even many high-street labels have come up with their own Shopping apps to allow their consumers to browse and shop easily.

Shopping for fashion is also a boon for working people like me and students who don't actually have much time to visit the physical stores but don't wanna miss out on the latest collections of their favorite brands.

Well with best Online Shopping apps like Myntra available right in your smartphone or tablet, you can browse the latest collections in your free time and choose the ones you really like. Be it your lunch break or while waiting for your flight at the airport, you can instantly browse these apps and place orders even for gifts to be delivered to your loved ones.

Added features like Cash on Delivery, Saving Wishlists, Personal Style tips, Style guides and more, these shopping apps are an All-In-One source for you to build your wardrobe even on-the-go.

Personally, I believe the future of Fashion now lies in a mobile-only world as we spend more than 16 hours of the day chatting, browsing apps and playing games on our phones rather than browsing different websites on a Laptop or PC.

Let me know your Views in the Comments below!

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