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Friday 24 April 2015

Hey everyone!
If you are just like me who loves wearing heels and can't complete an outfit without the fancy and trendy heels, you must be having the same feeling like I do when I get back home and swap my heels with a pair of comfortable flats. Flat shoes are all the rage this season and even celebs and models are sporting flats on the ramp.

While flat shoes are available in many designs, my favorite style in flat shoes is Ballerinas which are cute, cozy and comfortable at the same time. And ballerinas don't have to be boring as you will find an endless variety of ballerinas to choose from.

Here I am covering 4 main styles of Ballerinas that you should include in your wardrobe this season :
  • Open Toe Ballerinas :
One of the hottest trends of this season, open toe ballerinas are both girly and chic with a peep-toe effect. Also as they let your toes to peep out, they have more space at the tips for broad feet. They can be easily styled with skater skirts, A-line dresses and fitted pants.

Glam up your day or evening look by teaming up your outfit with a pair of embellished ballerinas. These ballerinas feature various embellishments like bows, sequins, buckles etc. which give them an edgy and trendy look. You can go for a semi-formal look by pairing ballerians with fitted jeans, neatly tucked-in printed shirt and a smart blazer. 
You can also style your Little Black dress with a pair of sequined ballerinas for a dressy look.
  •  Foldable Ballerinas :

Remember those clubbing nights when you dance away for hours long in your sexy heels, only getting tired after 2-3 hours and feeling that you had your flats handy. Well foldable ballerinas help you out as they can easily be carried in your clutch or bag while you go out for an evening party or DJ night. You can change into them easily whenever you feel tired walking in your heels or your feet start paining.
  • Closed Toe Ballerinas : 
 A classic style of ballerinas, closed toe bellies are available in various colors and styles, and can be paired with basically all your outfits. You can get a sporty look by teaming up your neon ballerinas with ripped jeans, asymmetrical white T-shirt and a sling bag. 

In my wardrobe, I have all these ballerina styles and style them differently with my casual as well as formal outfits.
Which is your favorite pair of Ballerinas? Let me know in the Comments below.


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  1. You truly rocked it Nitika..!!! Looking forward to get them in my wardrobe!!!!
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