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Monday 1 September 2014

Hola chicas!
After getting an amazing response for my last post about Rising Stars of Comedy, I thought of writing about another absolutely hilarious episode I watched of the show online.

This particular episode of the NDTV Prime's comedy show features Sanjay Rajoura, an angry Jaat who calls himself a social satirist.
In this video, Sanjay takes a pick on the neo liberal capitalist modern Indian in a sarcastic and witty manner at a comedy event organized by New Delhi Comedy Club.

I could totally relate to this video for the way he describes the way various cultural functions are celebrated at corporate offices, girls gang at these offices (reminds me of my days in my previous company) and the funny take on the wedding scene in Indian families (see right from 04:40).

It is really surprising to see that comedian Sanjay has such a great stage presence and is able to enthrall the audience single-handedly.

While this video is purely in Hindi, there are few episodes also shot in English like this episode featuring Amogh Ranadive, Vasu Primlani, Daniel Fernandes, and Atul Khatri andcovers various topics hilarious topics which will tickle your funny bone.

If you have lived in or been to Goa, you will enjoy the bit at 10:30 of this episode where Daniel Fernandes talks about Goa - a lively city I also visited for the first time last month.

Watching this comedy series not only made me forget all the tensions about work and home, but also made me feel proud about so many talented comedians we have in India as well.

Did you check out any videos of this comedy series? Let me know in Comments below your views about the comedy show. And if you still haven't checked the show, you should tune in to NDTV Prime every Monday and Thursday at 10 pm or check out the videos online.


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  1. hahahahahah omg really this one is too good

    shikha would like you to read…colorfull everyday bra


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