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Monday 29 September 2014

Hey lovely readers!
Had a happy weekend? I had a lot of fun this weekend as I caught up with the lovely bloggers Lisha (from HeartBowsMakeup) and Anshita (from Vanity No Apologies) as we had fun having spas at The Ashok on Friday and gossiping and eating at Cafe Coffee Bean at Select City walk, Delhi on Saturday.

Later, I went to Geetanjali Salon for a hair spa but ended up having a hair Makeover which I would be revealing shortly in a new post.

Coming back to today's post, I will be sharing with you my experience of a luxurious hair spa treatment with Moroccanoil hair products at the Taj Salon, Delhi.

Moroccanoil has become a haircare industry sensation embraced by celebrities, runway stylists and women the world over. Their formulas not only leave hair naturally smooth and shiny but also improve its actual condition to make it stronger with each use.

Personally, this was my third Moroccanoil hair spa treatment and each time I have felt my hair texture has improved from before and felt more smooth and manageable.
And, experiencing my favorite hair spa treatment at Taj Salon was not only luxurious but also much more personalized as compared to other salons I have visited.

Read on my experience to know more -

The steps of the Moroccanoil hair spa treatment I went through included -

1. Shampooing the hair with the Moisture Repair shampoo and conditioner - This step is done restore dry or damaged hair and make it ready for the further steps of the treatment.

2. Application of Hair mask - The hair stylist applied the hair mask to my hair carefully using it on my scalp and strands and explaining how the method in which the mask is applied to the hair helps it get absorbed and start repairing the hair. She also gave me a relaxing head and back massage for 15 minutes followed by a hot towel to help nourish the hair.

3. Shampooing and Conditioning the hair - In the last step, my hair was shampooed with the Hydrating range shampoo and conditioner which has a gentle moisturizing formula. The Hair stylist explained to me that the Repair should only be used once in a month for people who have normal hair but can be used regularly for people having damaged or color-treated hair.

At last, Moroccanoil treatment was applied to my hair which made it ready for further styling and I got my hair blow-dried as I had to attend an event later.
Here's how my hair looked after the treatment -

And here are few pictures of the lavish Taj Salon -

Surprisingly, the prices of all the services at Taj Salon are nominal (Moroccanoil ritual starts at Rs 2000 depending on your hair length) and at par with other famous salons and spas in town. And with such personalized service at a renowned hotel, no one minds paying a few extra bucks as its all about the ambiance and the service that can make any spa or salon treatment worth your money.

For more information/bookings at Taj Salon, call at - +91 011 6650 3539/40 or Email :
Have you tried Moroccanoil hair products? Let me know your views in the Comments below!


  1. nice review
    shikha would like you to read…GIVE YOURSELF A TREAT

  2. you're hair looks amazing, thanks for the info!

    ♥ Ellen #NZblogger
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  3. Havent tried Moroccanoil hair products but would love to...
    The price is good ...I thought it would be very expensive :)

  4. you looked gorg!
    I can't wait to see you with your new hairdo!

  5. WOW...thanks for sharing!


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