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Saturday 6 October 2012

Hey everyone!
My blog is heading to 700 followers and by the time this post goes up- there might be 700 Followers already! Though I don't write this blog just for numbers- this blog is really close to my heart and my only platform to share my love for Fashion & Shopping ; )

So to share the love the back with you I am announcing a new Giveaway with not 1 or 2 but Five Winners ! And Auravedic - a leading natural beauty products brand - was kind enough to sponsor the gift for each of the 5 winners - A Pure De-stressing Moisturizing Lotion – Facial Skin Booster .
About Auravedic :
" From the earth to your skin, AuraVedic brings you 100% natural products, which would make your skin glow and youthful. With every AuraVedic product, you are getting years of knowledge in nature and research, following the principles of Ayurveda. 

Each and every ingredient is selected for their individual properties to create the best product for you. With AuraVedic, one experiences 100% purity. 
AuraVedic offers a wide range of Hair Care, Skin Care and Body Care products which include skin lightening oils, face washes, sunscreen lotions, foot oils, massage oils, hair cleansers and much more."

About Pure De-Stressing Moisturizing Lotion :
"Packed with pure plant ingredients this super-lightweight moisturizing lotion actively energizes and revitalizes skin and helps fight the ageing effects of environmental aggressions with its antioxidant-rich formula.
Soothes skin and boosts skin's moisture levels by simultaneously replenishing both oil and water requirements."

I am sure reading about the benefits of the moisturizing lotion would have made you want it all the more! So here are few rules, following which you can have a chance to win this amazing product-
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  • Like Auravedic's Facebook Page
  • Follow Auravedic on Twitter
  • Answer this simple question - What Skin Care regimen you follow in winters for a moisturized, glowing skin?
Leave a comment below in this Format - 
GFC Name : 
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Twitter Id :
I follow the given skin care regimen in winters :
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Fill all your entries in the Rafflecopter widget given below, and also you can follow additional rules to gain extra entries.
The Giveaway is open only to INDIAN readers this time and starts from today ie. October 6, 2012; and ends on October 27, 2012.

So enter now to win this amazing Auravedic product for a beautiful, glowing skin.
Loads of love
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  1. congrats
    my Skin Care regimen in winters for a moisturized, glowing skin is simply i Keep my Skin Moist , Exfoliate Dull and dry skin

  2. congo.......... My skin Care Regimen in Winter For a Moisturized Glowing Skin I use a Ponds Cold Cream :)

  3. nice giveaway :)

    In winters i exfoliate my skin with homemade scrub(oats +honey or almond powder) twice a week and follow with almond oil :)
    use some regular moisturizer to keep skin protected in day time :)

  4. in winters i use essential oils for massaging..i wash the face with a face wash ..then use a cleanser , toner and moisturiser....i use vaseline + cold cream too..this is my skin care regimen to give that extra care to the skin during winters.

  5. cngrts and thnk u for the gieaway

  6. thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!
    i might have been MIA for awhile, wrt writing posts, but your fb page kept me updated with everything:)
    You put up in Delhi right? I'd love to meet you in person, some day! :)

  7. and loving the new look of the blog. the cover photo stands out!

  8. GFC Name : nids
    FB Name : Nidhi Chandna
    Twitter Id : nidc13
    I follow the given skin care regimen in winters : Moisturize and use liberal amount of suncreens, have Omega oil capsules and wash with a great facewash
    Twitter Share Link :

  9. lovely giveaway ! like the look of the blog !

  10. Rather than roll the dice with store-bought winter skincare products, i whip up my very own so that i have complete control over the ingredients, and i know what i'm putting onto my skin. since i've dry skin which gets flaky during winter i make this magic potion which really works for me.... mix equal parts of glycerin and rose water and squeeze in juice of a lemon in it...I use it daily before going to bed and all my winter problems are solved.

  11. I apply besan & curd paste once a week...

  12. GFC Name :Snigdha Prusti
    FB Name : Snigdha Prakash Prusti
    Twitter Id : @snigdha_fairy
    I follow the given skin care regimen in winters : I regularly apply cold cream on face and keep my skin moist..
    Blog URL -
    Blog post link :
    FB Share Link :
    Twitter share link :


  13. I follow the given skin care regimen in winters : Since Mumbai has really mild winters, my skin care regime doesnt change much though I avoid using toner. My cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen remain the same though I need to re-apply lip balm more frequently.

  14. Lovely Giveaway! I have followed all the steps.
    My skin care regimen in winters is applying a moisturizing lotion all over my body daily and a lip balm every few hours to keep my lips soft. :)
    GFC- tulika
    facebook - tulika de

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  16. GFC Name : KrazzyKi
    FB Name :
    Twitter Id : @TheSweetLife2
    I follow the given skin care regimen in winters :
    I use Biotique mask and moisturizer it really soothes my skin!! :)
    M new to ur blog, would love it if you could visit my place some day
    The Sweet Life

  17. GFC Name :- Bidisha

    FB Name :- Bidisha Banerjee

    Twitter Id :- @bidisha16

    I follow the given skin care regimen in winters :- I apply a lot of moisturizers on my skin to keep it hydrated. I exfoliate the dull and dry cells with home-made scrubs. I apply oil to my skin. I use lip balm to prevent my lips from getting dried up.

    My Blog post about the Giveaway :-

    Posted on the side-bar of my blog :-

    FB share link :-

    Twitter share link :-

    Thanks for the lovely Giveaway. Done all steps.

  18. GFC Name : Ashma Bano

    FB Name : Ashma Bano

    Twitter Id :

    I follow the given skin care regimen in winters : i SCRUB, CLEANSE, TONE n MOISTURIZE my skin a lot in winters for that Healthy Glow.

    FB Share Link :

    Twitter Share Link :

  19. GFC Name : KAVITA
    I follow the given skin care regimen in winters : My Skin Care regimen in winters for a moisturized, healthy n glowing skin is 'i use besan mix with curd, a pinch of turmeric n potato/tomato paste instead of soap'.
    FB Share Link :


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