PC in my city - 5 Readers get a chance to meet Priyanka Chopra - Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2012 !

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Hey everyone!
Wishing all my lovely readers and followers a very Happy Dusshera!
I attended Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2012, Gurgaon last weekend and now I have got a chance to meet Priyanka Chopra in Delhi this week.
But wait, here's the CATCH - 5 Lucky Readers of my blog would also get a chance to meet and party with Priyanka Chopra at this exclusive event going to be held in Delhi on Thursday, 25th October, 2012.

To win, you simply have to complete this sentence in the most creative and amazing way and post it in the Comments Box below -
" I want to PARTY with PC Because ........ "
OR Write an Invitation, Post a Photo or a Video or anything crazy to show your eagerness to meet Priyanka at my Facebook Page HERE.
NOTE : Follow my blog via GFC ( Google Friend Connect) and like The Shopaholic Diaries on FACEBOOK to get extra entries.

This can be the sweetest and a once in a lifetime experience for all the fashionistas and fans who love Priyanka's bold and stunning style! 

So don't miss this opportunity and enter now by commenting below or clicking HERE. The winners would be announced on 25th October at 10.30am at my Facebook page.

Loads of love


  1. participated,hope to win
    If priyanka will come on 25th then why the winner announcement date is also 25th?

    1. The event would be on 25th evening! so the winners would have ample time to get ready for the party!

  2. I want to PARTY with PC Because it would be like a dream come true for me to meet my favorite actress of all times!!

  3. I want to party with PC because I am a great fan of her and it will be like a dream come true.

  4. I Want To PARTY with PC because PC gonna like it in my city ..we ain't got no worries here
    come on in let's enjoy...

  5. Hey Priyanka Chopra I want you to be there in my party.
    Because you are so special so my invitation also has to be special.
    Here is something for you :-
    Heart beats
    everywhere is heat.
    I feel so special
    when you dazzle.
    I am here for you
    cuz my love for you is true.
    Hope to see you there cuz you never had a party till you come to a party IN MY CITY.


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