Summer Wardrobe Must Haves !!!

Wednesday 25 April 2012

Hey everyone !!
I hope you all are doing well.. Its raining here in Delhi and even though the weather is playing cleverly with us by raining one day and being sunny the other.. Still I am loving the summers and enjoying it over here a lott !!

So as the summers take their full shape & form, I have prepared a list of Summer Wardrobe Must-Haves !!
Summers are a time when you can play around with your wardrobe a lot. One can layer up during rainy days and go sleeveless & in short dresses when its sunny outside !!
Following are the trends and clothing items which I feel are in this season and must have in the summer wardrobe-

1. Pastels -

Pastels are a huge trend this season with all the major brand and fashion designers designers showing looks for spring and summer in these pale hues. The upside for the spring/summer 2012 pastel trend is that it's both pretty and appropriate for the season. The downside for petites is that light colors tend to visually add bulk, and just a few extra pounds on a short woman can be more noticeable than it would be on a taller lady.
For those who want to wear pastels, but don't look their best in pastel clothing, it would be easy to add a touch of light color with pastel fashion accessories, such as a pastel handbag or jewelry in pastel hues.

2. Florals

Florals are my favorite trend this spring-summer, and you all might have noticed in my previous post that I have bought many tops and even floral flats to wear this season. You all can also go for floral skirts, dresses and tops which look good on almost every body type.

3. Not so short Shorts-

They are perfect to wear during the hot sunny days. Once you find a style that flatters your figure you can plug shorts into several outfits all summer long. Shorts in dark colors are more versatile and flatter your figure. Skinny legs look best in short loose pairs, Bermuda shorts flatter figures with more hips, and ladies who are bigger on top want to look for shorts that hit above the knee.

4. Skirts- 
The best part about skirts is that you can get a skirt in different lengths suiting your body type and comfort factor. I personally love Knee-length and slightly shorter than knee length skirts. Skirts in floral prints,m peplum skirts, asymmetrical skirts, pastel shades and whites would be a perfect option to wear this summer. 
They can be teamed up with spaghetti tops, sleeveless tees etc. 

5. Scarves-
Scarves are a wardrobe essential as they can not only be used to protect yourself from the scorching heat but also can be styled in different ways to glam up any outfit.
I have purchased scarves in leopard print, hearts and bows print which are available at throw away prices at flea markets too. 

6. Summer Shoes - 

 I feel the most comfortable wearing slippers in summers as they are light weight and are easy to clean even if they get dirty. One can purchase Floral flats ( like the ones in my previous post ) or various slippers and  wedges in vibrant colors and designs.

7. Dresses- 
Dresses are a versatile clothing item which can be worn throughout the year. This summer these trends are a must have- Floral dresses, dresses with ruffles, Peter Pan collars and Asymmetrical hems. Even maxi dresses are a hit this season with many celebrities seen adorning them.

8. Tote bags-

A tote bag is must to keep all the summer essentials one needs while on the go. One can choose from vibrant colors and designs and mix & match them with various outfits.

9. Light Jacket / Shrug-

I always prefer to wear a light thin jacket or shrug over sleeveless tops or dresses while going out, as I feel more comfortable covering myself while travelling in public transport. Also, it protects the skin from sunrays and you always have an option to remove them once we reach our destination. : )

10. Sexy Sunglasses-
And this is the last and I guess most common item which everyone might possess. Big glares not only make face look sexy but also proper UV sunglasses protects from the harmful sun rays.

I hope you liked my list, and if you want to add something please leave it in the comments box. Me and the other readers would love to know more suggestions for Summer Must Haves.

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  1. Nice picks. But no sign of summer here. :(

    1. awww... Nd summer is at full swing here Ria and I just dislike scorching heat !! : (

  2. This is a great sum-up.. N I like the idea of not so short shorts ;)

    Thanks for your wonderful comment on my Blog :)

    New Post is up: My 50th Post
    You are also welcome to see My Blog Makeover :) Please tell me your views-changed it!


    1. Loved the change dear.. your blog looks adorable now :)

  3. Oh dear, just came to a girl blog to comment that the email i got for this article, i am going to forward to all my female frnds. An excellent article and nice picks. This is one of the best article of yours. Cheers!!

    1. Hahaha !!! Thanks a lot for appreciation Ankit !! Means a lot !! : )

  4. May I please have them all. What amazing summer find. Great picks.
    Happy Blogging,
    Fashionopolis By Amena
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  5. I want all of them specially the pastels and the scarves!!!

    1. Pastels are in my list too.. Need to go out shopping for them Badly !! :D

  6. That's such a perfect list. Great post..Letme do a quick self-checkup :P I am totally drooling over that Mint bag <3, definitely gonna invest in some good number of shorts (green tops my list) and of course sun-glasses..I am already piling up on I guess I need to 'have' I am in a 50-50 situation :)
    Great post Nitika..its a pleasure to go through your work :)

    1. Thanks a lot for the appreciation Agam !! : )
      And well I need to invest in some good skirts too !! Let me know where are you getting them from..

  7. P.S From your comments on one of my posts..
    Yup those were all books..That's the study in my house :)

  8. Love the pastel and the floral things! =D

  9. inspiring post! i wish i could spend my summer time in Europe


  10. Love those bags and dresses! I love collecting bags and those are really a must have for me. But what am also looking for are cheap clothes that well suits my personality. And I think those pastels are really perfect on me. Nice finds!

  11. Love the pastel pieces! Great items you've picked.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog, I am now following yours too.
    Charlotte xo

  12. Great post Nitika. I so want them all. Speaking of summers, I have been trying this new summer variant from Parachute. It has mint and coconut oil that act as natural anti-tan and cooling agents respectively. I love the feel of it. You should try it too, since you are a fashionista. Cheers!

  13. Excellent post! I agree with every bit of it!!

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