OOTD- DJ Night at College !!!!

Thursday 5 April 2012

Hey everyone !!!
I am back after a long time I guess.. ( A week seems long enough to me, as I checked neither nor my blog nor of all my blogger friends).. My Farewell , Convocation and moving out of my Hostel had kept me busy !!

So as soon as I got free the first thing I checked was my blog !! : ) It feels soo good to be back writing this post and sharing with you all the outfit I wore for my Farewell Party !! My frequent readers must have read earlier in my posts, that our college didn't allow us to wear sleeveless or short jeans / capris so me and the girls of my class decided to break this rule At our Farewell though we had received the mail regarding a dress code.
And when all of us reached the venue in our sexy dresses and heels, everyone was stunned. So much that all other girls from other courses who had come wearing normal casuals, went back to their rooms and changed & came back wearing dresses/ sleeveless tops in a haste!! Hahhaa... It was awesome breaking rules for once and being the Show-Stoppers !!! ; )

Soo this is what I wore for the evening. 
Dress- OZEL
Heels- Fornarina
Clutch- ASOS
Accessories- Bought from local market

The one-shoulder dress from OZEL I had been dying to wear ever since I bought it !! My Fornarina heels looked perfect with it, don't you think soo?? I had straightened my hair for the event. Sometimes I think of getting them straightened permanently but the thought of further damaging them scares me away. ( I Once used to have very long & thick straight hair, but gradually the thickness decreased and my hair became wavy). So what do you all think, is rebonding of hair good or not???

I would share my Convocation outfit with you all in the next post.
Till then, keep coming back for more interesting posts. Your comments & support make my day !!



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks a lott dear.. ALready participated ; )

  2. cute shoes n dress! :)
    new post on my blog

  3. It is fun to break rules and as it was ur last day you dont have to worry about consequences either...loving the whole look

    1. Thank you soo much.. And I totally agree with you ; )

  4. this is a nice outfit.U must had fun:)and the flower from your hair is very sweet:)I like your blog.u wanna follow each other?kiss

  5. Replies
    1. Amazing contests dear.. Would surely take part.. : )

  6. I love the skirt - It is such a great colour on you :)

  7. Thanks a lott dear.. but its a dress :D Nd for sure lets follow each other : )

  8. Love the red skirt <3 very cute



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