Saturday, October 29, 2011

Beautiful Bags Collection !!

Hi everyone !!
As my readers and friends at my Facebook page had been requesting me to get some nice, trendy and affordable stuff for them; I got my hands on some awesome bags few days ago which I have put on Sale at my FB page.

You can check them right away by clicking here . 

All the bags are brand new and never been used.
I hope you all like them and if you wanna buy any of these, you can leave me a mail at -

Hope you all had a great Diwali, am leaving for my college tomorrow !! would be back with my new post in november now..
Till then, take care,,

Beautiful Bags Collection !!
Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Collective Shopping Hauls - October

Hey lovely readers and friends !!

May this Diwali light up new dreams, fresh hopes, undiscovered
avenues, every thing bright and blissful & fill your days with pleasant
surprises & moments....
Wishing u all a veryyyyyyy 'HAPPY DIWALI
'  !!!

 I am home these days and enjoying every bit of the festive season, am sure you all must be enjoying a lott with all the sweets, gifts and crackers.. yayy !! well am on a lil shopping spree for diwali too- but more on that later as I have finished shopping yet ( I am yet to get a birthday dress for my B'day which is on 1st Nov, so would post about it next week).

Remember how I had been saying in past weeks that I had a few small hauls but forgot to share about them, soo well as am sitting idle at home, I thought of sharing with you all the few clothes and accessories I bought this month.
But first of all I want to show you the new CAM I bought for myself.. yess...yesss.. my 1st personal Digi Cam so that I can post better pictures at my blog and its an Nikon S3000 !!

Isn't the color lovely?? 
Coming to my other clothing and accessories haul, I made a collage for all the major things I bought here-

1- A colorful stripe tee I bought from Sarojini Nagar market , Delhi.
2- Pink blouse from Sarojini Nagar
3- Black- Grey tunic from Sarojini Nagar
4- Floral tunic from Sarojini Nagar
5- Grey Formal skirt from Shoppers Stop, Noida
6- Scarf & brooch from Westside, Noida
7- Lace cropped jacket from Sarojini Nagar
8- Floral jumpsuit from Sarojini Nagar market
9. Red tube top from Sarojini Nagar market.

The lace jacket and the floral jumpsuit are my personal favorite, and I would post an OOTD wearing them pretty soon. This is my 1st jumpsuit ever and I love the way it fits me, but I am still unsure where and how I would wear it :O :O .. Any ideas or suggestions??

Rest I have made few more purchases in this week including my Diwali shopping but I am feeling too lazy to click more pictures and post about them so would do it later for sure.
For now am more worried about an interview I have when I go back to college which is clashing with my birthday- it makes me all the more nervous. I hope the interview goes well so that I could celebrate my birthday as planned. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Btw, I got to know about this amazing shopping complex in Waterloo Danks St. Shopping Plaza, which offers various shopping stores and beauty centers catering to everyone's interests. If you are living in or around Waterloo, you must check out this cool shopping plaza for a fun-filled shopping trip. 

Till then wishing you all a very happy Diwali once again. But do play safe : )
Take care & may god bless you all !!


Collective Shopping Hauls - October
Friday, October 21, 2011

My encounter with The High Heelss !!! :D

I don't know if this post counts as an OOTD or not but I just wanted to share about my 1st pair of highhh heeellsss and yesss the fun I had last Saturday !!
I had been to GIP, Noida last weekend with my friend and well I just entered a showroom- VANSON which was having a Basket Sale on shoes, where I came across these gorgeousssssss heels..

I have always ignored buying High heels coz
1. They are very expensive.
2. I thought I cannot carry them off well.
3. I prefer wearing flats any day so I think its useless to buy shoes which keep lying in your closet ( Though I do own numerous such pairs which I haven't ever worn more than once ).

But then lets come back to the post, I tried these heels on and they looked super awesome and the price tag was very low !! So that was it- I couldn't resist them at all because I knew I can never get a pair of high heels ( they are around 5 inches high, which for my standards is really highhhh :D ) and that too this gorgeous at such a low price, so I just bought them right away.

While we were leaving, I noticed Panasonic India's FACE OF BEAUTY contest going on in the mall, they were offering a free makeover and also 12 lucky ladies from all over India would get to take part in a Reality Show at MTV and also the top 3 would feature in their Ad. But to be frank, I did it just for the Makeover :D
hehehe.. It was funnn...

And then we went straight on clubbing that night ( my 1st experience with that ) and well I got my chance to wear the heels for the 1st time too. I was wearing the following outfit there- I love this polka dot top from VERO MODA, I think its sexy, chic and elegant at the same time. : )
Here are few picturess-

Top- Vero Moda
Jeans- Thrifted
Heels- Vanson , GIP, Noida
Shades- DG
Well now coming back to my heels- Did I like wearing them- Yes or No??
hmmm.. I would say Yess- because they look superr sexxyyy and dont know why, but I believe wearing a pair of gorgeous heels makes you look more slimmer and feel confident : )
But I couldn't wear them for long, I had to take them off while dancing because my feet had started aching. Maybe I would take time to get used to in walking or dancing in them  !! But for now am happy owning 1 pair, and if I find a gorgeous pair again- I wouldddddd uhmmmm surely buyy itt !! :D

And I guess now I understand, why even though these heels make your feet ache and give difficulty in walking, girls roam around freely wearing them as high as 6-7 inches :O :O just coz they are sooo damn SEXYYY !!! hehee..

And well now am leaving home next week for Diwali.. yayy...and it calls for loadssss of sweets, gifts and new clothes also coz Diwali, Bhaidooj and My B'DAY are coming in a row.. and am super excited !!
Would share with you all my diwali goodies and bday dress soon !! : ) ( my bday falls on 1st nov ) And also I still have to share my hauls of this month.. Next post would surely be for that.
Have a great weekend !! 
Take care.. Loads of love

( PS- OOpssss this post got really longggg.. I Didn't realize !! Plz cope with this one :(( )
My encounter with The High Heelss !!! :D
Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A to Z- Online Shopping Websites India | Master List of Indian Online Shopping Portals

Hie everyone!

With the trend of Online shopping increasing in India, the no. of websites has increased to a great extent within last 12 months. I thought of making an A to Z list of all the Indian online shopping websites which deliver all over India.

Hope this list would be helpful looking for all the websites and find the one for your needs. 
So without blabbering much, here we go- ( makeup, skincare products etc. ) ( Shoes and nailpaints for women)

A- (exclusive collection of international labels) ( Apparel & Accessories) ( A chinese website which features products at very cheap rates direct from wholesalers /          producers ) ( Free International shipping ) ( Your one-stop website for Online Shopping) (Apparel & Accessories for men & women) ( Shapewear, Hygiene, Period Panties etc. )

B- ( Sales Events from major brands ) ( Shoes & accessories ) (Skincare brand website) ( Sale events) ( cosmetics, accessories etc.) ( Nail paints and more) ( Clothing, accessories etc. ) (Ethnic wear)

C- ( Cosmetics, accessories etc. ) ( Lingerie, Health care, personal care products etc. ) ( Clothing, jewellery, Home & Kitchen, and more ) (Coupons and Deals) (Jewellery) (Branded Goods) (Watch Market) (Sarees, Jewellery, etc.) (Buy pre-loved luxury goods)

D- ( for all the fabulous deals on restaurants, products etc. ) (Luxury bags, watches etc.) (Apparel from Men & Women) ( Bags, accessories etc. ) (luxury shopping)

A to Z- Online Shopping Websites India | Master List of Indian Online Shopping Portals
Saturday, October 15, 2011

Spring 2012 Trends- looks from the runways

Last few days I have been checking out runway looks from different fashion shows and thought of sharing out few looks and outfits I liked a lottt !! 
PS- this is a picture heavy post, so please cooperate !! : )

Calvin Klein- Nude interlude

Oscar de la Renta Statement Gown

Oscar de la Renta

DKNY ( Extra Large T-shirt look)

MARC by Marc Jacobs

Proenza Schouler

Ralph Lauren

Sometimes two brights make a beauty right. The models at Milly’s spring 2012 show wore CND Electric Orange on their nails and hot-pink matte lipstick on their lips.

There’s no replacing the always-essential black eyeliner, but the little flash of gold on the lids of Jen Kao models gave us a good idea of how to change things up

pastel hair streaks at Peter Som

the glossy, bouncy ponytails at Monique Lhuillier

the shower ‘n’ go dewy glow at BCBG
the feather and bobby pin-accented bun at Jason Wu

Tommy Hilfiger’s mascara-free beauty look

Image Courtesy- ,

I loved the gowns by Oscar De La Renta the mostt !!! They are soo beautiful and feminine. Isn't it? What are your favorite looks from the Spring 2012 trends?? Let me know in the comments below : ) !!
Lots of Love 
Spring 2012 Trends- looks from the runways
Thursday, October 13, 2011

OOTD- From the Past- II

Well here am back with an OOTD from the past, as am again busy with my studies I am finding lil time to post about my Shopping hauls in past week and also the weekend outing I had- would post about it asap ( maybe by this weekend).
For now wanted to share with you all this outfit I had worn during our industrial visit to West Port, Malaysia in January this year.
As we had to carry a limited luggage, I had decided to carry this 3-4th sleeves shirt and knee-length skirt along as it was light and wearable in the weather there too.

Here are the pictures of the outfit-
Shirt- Globus
Skirt- Globus
Bag- Forever New
Shoes- Red tape

I love this formal skirt a lott and the fact that it looks great with the pink shirt makes the whole looks simple yet stylish !! : )

Hope you all liked the outfit, would love to know your views. Always waiting for your lovely comments.
Loads of love.
OOTD- From the Past- II
Monday, October 10, 2011

Dilli Haat- A showpiece of Indian culture !!

Heya readers !!

Hope you had fun at the weekend- mine was fulllllll of funnnnnnnnn after a longg time as we never have off on weekends, but this time luckily we had no classes on Saturday and I went out partying with my friend- would post about it later though.

Last Thursday, I decided to visit Dilli Haat with my friends. I had heard a lottt about it from my friends earlier- the beautiful handicrafts, the food stalls from each state of India, the fun getting your hair Braided and much moreeee.. So I was really very badly looking forward to going there and yesterday, finally I did.

Though I forgot to click the pictures of beautiful stalls around- I still managed to click a few. If you are a fan of Indian handicrafts and jewellery- this place is a must visit. But mind you, as the place is always thronged by foreigners so you might notice the shopkeepers charging you very high, so keep your bargaining skills handy !!

You have to get an entry ticket just for Rs 20 to enter this awesome place full of shops having the best of Indian handicrafts and also the food stalls having food items from all the states of India.
The first thing I did when I entered the market was to get my hair braided- It was funnnnnnn!!! Then we headed on to all the jewelery shops- but I found all the stuff very expensive as I have seen the same jewelery at Sarojini Nagar or Janpath Market at far lower prices. I did buy a Harem pants and a short wrap-around skirt as I loved their print and color after a little bargaining. 

Bought a very cute Mural of  Lord Ganesha and bought it for my hostel room. Rest as I said earlier I found the stuff comparatively expensive and shopkeepers refused to lower the prices so I didn't spend much there and after having food there came back.
But I guess its a must-visit place if you're visiting Delhi and want to have a look at all the Indian handicrafts and street food under 1 place.

Also later I searched about Dilli Haat at google and found few interetsing facts about it- 
  • Here you can find products like rosewood and sandalwood carvings, embellished camel hide footwear, gems, metal crafts, beads, sophisticated fabric and drapery, brassware, and silk and wool fabrics.
  • Dilli haat also having an exhibition hall within it where exhibitions of Indian handicrafts and handlooms are organized.
  • The craftsmen who are registered with D.C.Handicrafts are the ones who are eligible to find a place here.
Here are the few pictures I clicked there and the stuff I bought. 

Wrap-around skirt

Harem Pants and a Scarf  I bought from the market

Dilli Haat- A showpiece of Indian culture !!
Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Review- Oriflame Dare to Dream Make Up palette

Last month I had purchased few cosmetics from Oriflame's catalogue, and 1 thing which I was looking forward to the most was- Dare to Dream Make up Palette !!
And no doubt, I have been very happy with my purchase.
I wanted to post it about earlier but just got delayed coz of some or other reason, but Better late than Never, So here is the review which was lying in my drafts since last few weeks.
I am sure you must have read about this Kit at some or other blog before, but still I wanted to post about my experience with it !! 

The Palette had come at a huge discount in the last flyer whereas originally it is priced at Rs 2490.

Let's see what the company has to say about it- 

Posh, chic, and glamorous! The Dare to Dream palette is an elegant compact palette that says it all. Featuring built-in lights to give you a backstage star feeling, this make-up palette is the preferred choice of professional makeup artist Jonas Wramell.

This unique make-up palette contains:
  • 5 Lip Glosses,
  • 5 Lip Colors,
  • 20 Eye Shadows,
  • 2 Blushes,
  • 2 Powders,
  • a Highlighter,
  • a mirror, and
  • 5 Applicators for easy application.
Dare to Dream with the best makeup palette ever from Oriflame. 

It came in a cute little black box, wrapped in a cover and the first thing one notices when we open the palette are the in-built lights at the front lid along the mirror- makes it looks soo Chic and stylish.

The palette opens into 3 layers. The 1st layer has 20 eye shadows and 2 applicators.
After sliding the top lids, there comes 5 lip glosses, 5 lip colors and a highlighter & 2 blushes.
The bottom layer has 2 powders, blusher brush and 2 applicators.

The lip colors are glide very easily on the lips and stay for 3-4 hours.
The eye shadows are both in shimmer and matt shades.
I am really happy with my purchase, because so far this is the best make up kit I have got at such a reasonable price ( It had costed me around Rs1200 in the Rakhi Flyer ) .

Should you buy it or not?- In my views if you have previously used Oriflame products and are looking for a decent and reasonable Make up Kit - you should buy this kit, as it contains all the basic shades and things needed for a proper face Make up and also because Oriflame is a well known and trusted brand, you wouldn't be disappointed with the purchase.
(PS- this is totally my opinion, so choice may vary from person to person : ) )

You can purchase the kit from the following links I found through google-

Have you tried this palette yet or are thinking of purchasing it? Share your views below, would love to read your comments !!
Take care
Loads of love
Review- Oriflame Dare to Dream Make Up palette
Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fashion Blogging- Lame or Not?? :O

Hey everyone !!
This is gonna be a longgggg posttt and not at all related to my hauls or OOTDs. So please cooperate and I Would love to have your views over this post.

Last night I was having a conversation with my friend, who has just started blogging ( not a fashion blogger ) and she keeps reviewing my blog and tells me about what she likes and what not.
And last night she wrote in her blog, that she thinks some fashion bloggers are LAME !! and just are mostly into SHOWING OFF- and making young followers drool over their wardrobes and perfect figures.
Today we had a long conversation about the same topic. And it made me think, is Fashion Blogging really lame or simply, what exactly is Fashion blogging??

Well 1st of all- I don't call myself a Fashion blogger- coz as such am not posting about any fashion trends / style statements / or giving any advice on how to wear what or whatever !! To be frank I don't even myself know what a FASHION BLOGGER means !! Its too wide a term I think !!

Lets see the Wikipedia definition for a Fashion Blog- 

"A fashion blog can cover many things such as specific items of clothing and accessories, trends in various apparel markets (haute couture, prêt-à-porter, etc.), celebrity fashion choices and street fashion trends.They cover fashion at all levels from the biggest names to the smallest indie designers

Many fashion blogs could also be categorised as shopping blogs, since "most of the conversation  is shopping advice, liberally laced with consumer recommendations". This is very similar to the content of fashion magazines. Some retailers in the fashion industry have even started blogs of their own to promote their products.

Blogs that only occasionally mention fashion are not categorised as fashion blogs, although they may be labeled by the blogger as such."

So as such being a Fashion blogger is not only doing the OOTDs or talking about the latest trends, it means to be being wider to d aspects of entire Fashion industry.  In my views, I haven't come across many pure Fashion blogs. And the same was the point by my friend- She noticed some blogs filled with just images of the OOTDs and the outfits were not even closer to what a normal girl would wear for a normal day or to even a special occasion for that matter. And I agreed to her point too !! And she says the whole idea of showing off your perfect figures clad in dresses which are impossible to be worn on daily basis ( consider in countries like India ) is lame. And that a fashion blog should focus more upon styling advice or ideas and about outfits that could be worn normally and more often my mix-matching, and ideas about how to multi-use the items in your wardrobe.
Well point taken !!
So I thought of asking all the fellow bloggers and readers what do you feel about what a Fashion blog is? What could be defined as a Fashion blog and the parameters or necessities for a blogger to be called a Fashion blogger?? :O :O
Is it true that posting OOTDs, hauls etc is making young girls drool and feel bad about their own limited wardrobes or their inability to buy high-end brands??
Would wait for your comments or views !! : )
Loads of love
Fashion Blogging- Lame or Not?? :O