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Tuesday 15 January 2019

Dear 2018, Thanks for being good to me 

I know this post is a little too late, but I have been traveling and not keeping well since last couple of weeks. But well, its never too late to write and I finally got my groove back and decided to start the first post of the year by looking back at the highlights of 2018.

2018 was an year of new beginnings for me as I had my roka ceremony on 30th December of previous year and within a couple of weeks, the wedding date was fixed for March. While I had some other plans for 2018, I didn't know that everything was about to change for me.

The first quarter of 2018 kept me busy with wedding shopping, planning, quitting my 9to5 job (I was working with Alibaba Group) and preparing for my big move to Mumbai - a city I had never stayed in before for more than a few days.

Here's a glimpse to my wedding functions (you can read my complete wedding series here)

Gown : Dolly J

Lehenga : Sabyasachi
I moved to Mumbai in the middle of March, and the second of quarter of 2018 passed by settling in the new city and experiencing the married life. These few months were definitely the hardest as well, as I had never taken a break from work and here I was, having left my full time job, trying to settle into the life of a freelancer while still getting to know my husband (as we had a very brief courtship period) and managing a household all alone for two.

Dress : Westside
While earlier I always thought about pampering myself, now I had to think about my life partner and my new family as well. I focused these few months on writing and stayed off from any major campaigns as well. Also, I spent my time exploring Mumbai and getting familiar with this city that I never thought would be my home.

Dress : Cover Story 
The third quarter of 2018 has to be my favourite, not only I traveled to Mauritius and explored many other cities that I had never visited before. I was also getting back on the work front and I loved having a routine - planning a content calendar for the blog, going out for shoots and seeing my social media channels grow really boosted my confidence.

Dress : Cover Story
Bag : Michael Kors
Shoes : Westside
Skirt : Forever New
Top : H&M
I was also started gymming and seeing the positive results really made me more determined to focus on my health more in the coming months.

However, the last quarter of 2018 wasn't that good for me health wise, as I had a major foot injury while I was on a family trip to Ranthambore and I spent the last two months basically indoors and it really made me feel low - as I couldn't work out, plan more outfit shoots or basically go about my daily life due to my injury.

There were definitely some good moments too - like my trip to Ranthambore and Mahabaleshwar, first Diwali with my new family, my birthday celebrations with friends and family; and definitely my award for the Most Influential Content Marketing Professional that was awarded by CMO Asia.

Overall, if I look back at 2018, while I did have a few accomplishments and new beginnings, I didn’t spend as much time writing as I’d have liked to. While I could blame this on a lot of things but simply put I didn’t put enough time aside to write.

Come new year and I am on the road to recovery now and already feeling a lot better and determined to make 2019 better and bigger.

This year I have decided to be more organised and divide my time equally in building content for the blog as well for my social media channels, as I have come to understand that while I love doing shoots and preparing visual content for Instagram, writing on the blog gives me more creative satisfaction.

So, I have a lot content ideas that I will be putting in action soon while also planning to start my Youtube channel that I have been thinking about since a long time.

Apart from work, as foot injury is healing - I plan to get back to my workout routine and fitness would be one of my main goals this year.

Before I end this blog post, I would love to know which posts did you enjoy reading on my blog over the past year? What would you like to see more of in 2019? Don't forget to leave your views in the Comments below!

Here's to a very joyous and prosperous 2019!

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  1. Really very lovely post dear.I loved it and enjoyed very much.

  2. You look great on your wedding day. Wish you have a wonderful and happy married life. Good post!

  3. You were looking stunning as a bride. The Lehenga and complete bridal attire is a treat to watch.


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