Online Shopping Made Easy With 1GrandTrunk | Three Simple Steps to Ship What You Love from US to India

Saturday 9 June 2018

Hey lovelies!
You all know how much I love online shopping and discovering deals and discounts that are available exclusively online. However, residing in India, purchasing some of my favorite international brands in US online becomes rather difficult, as either they don’t ship to India or the shipping fee is too costly.

While making one of my online purchases recently, I came across the services of 1GrandTrunk which turned out to be a blessing for me. While looking to purchase the latest Gucci bag I spotted on Nordstrom, I was saddened to know that the particular bag cant be shipped to India. That’s when a friend recommended me to try 1GrandTrunk and I visited their website to get more information.

I had never tried a service of getting my order shipped to a US address and then get it to shipped to my address in India. But after my friend’s recommendation and understanding how simple it is to book your parcel through 1GrandTrunk – I decided to go ahead with the purchase.

Booking your online package through 1GrandTrunk is really simple. You just have to -
  • Sign up to create an account and get your personalized US local address.
  • Make your online purchase at any of your preferred online store in US and enter your 1GrandTrunk address while checking out. 
PS : Most websites usually offer free domestic shipping to US, so you just have to pay for getting your package shipped to your address in India (amazing, right?)

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  • 1GrandTrunk will calculate the shipping cost and customs duty (if you want to pay in advance) for your package and you can get it shipped to your Indian address through a carrier of your choice. You can even use their Shipping Calculator tool to get an estimate - the shipping to India starts at as low as $10. 
Some other highlights that make 1GrandTrunk better from other shipping solutions are :

Reduced Shipping Cost : 1GrandTrunk helps consolidate multiple packages into one package and remove any unwanted packaging that comes with the order so as to reduce weight and shipping cost. 
Also, they send pictures to ensure that the right items are sent or they can be returned in the US.

Shipment Tracking : As you get the tracking details of your package, there’s no risk of losing your package in transit. 
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Assisted Purchase : If you don’t have a valid card to make the purchase on your favorite website, they would even assist you with the purchase.

Low Service Cost : Their service charge is only $4.99 per order and it doesn't matter as per the number of items in a bill, ie. no matter one order has 2 or 5 items, the service charge will still be only $4.99.

Shipping to US and China : You can also use their services if you are staying in US/China and want to get an order shipped from India to your local address in US/China.

I also recently did a guest post on their blog about my five favourite US shopping websites that I often explore to buy luxury handbags and apparel. You must give it a read if you also want to know about where to find best online deals on luxury labels and get them shipped easily to India.

Hope this post would help you out in planning your next online purchase and get it shipped easily from US to India with 1GrandTrunk.


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