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Monday 14 May 2018

Hey everyone!
As I had given a glimpse of my current skincare routine on Instagram, a lot of you wanted me to share my complete regime. I have done few major changes in my skincare routine since my wedding as I had got a major acne breakout just two weeks before my wedding.

I was really disturbed and didn't want to undergo a skin treatment, as I was already taking antibiotics for my viral fever. Finally, my bestie who is always the one I look upto for skincare advise, asked me to make certain changes in my daily regime and try a few products that she swears by.

So, here I am listing the skincare products that I currently am using in my skincare routine :
  • Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Face Wash and Toner :
I visited the Clinique store and consulted their in-house expert for a solution to my acne condition which was honestly going worse two months back. They told me about two kind of products that I could try - one that will work on the acne marks and one that will work on controlling the acne condition. As, my acne was getting worse, I decided to first control the condition and started using the Cleansing foam and Clarifying lotion from their Anti-Blemish solutions that work on reducing excess oil and unclog the pores effectively.

I have been using both the products since two months now, and thankfully, my acne is in control now and even the earlier acne marks are healing. But, if you want to try these products, I would recommend that you consult the Clinique skin experts first as this product range has a strong formula, and even I was advised to reduce its usage once the acne condition improves (I am now using it only once a day and use a mild face wash from Himalaya before I go to sleep).
  • Clinique Moisture Surge
So, I have been using the Moisture Surge thirst relief moisturiser from Clinique since more than three months and it is the best light-weight and hydrating moisturiser that I have used in a long time. Not only its oil-free formula suits my combination skin, but also works as a great base for my makeup routine.
  • Nivea Aloe Hydration body lotion

I wanted a lightweight and hydrating body lotion that I found effectively in the Nivea range. Their Aloe Hydration body lotion keeps skin moisturised for long hours (they claim 48hours, but its need a re-application after a day). It has a mild and soothing fragrance, and is really one of the best budget body lotions I have tried so far.
  • The Face Shop White Seed serum
This brightening serum from The Face Shop is part of my night skincare routine, and I apply it post cleansing my face every night. It has a very light formula which absorbs into the skin really quick and  I have noticed my skin becoming smooth and bright over the time.
  • Innisfree Clay mask

I have been using this mask only since a couple of weeks, as I had tried its sample sometime back and it seemed really promising, so I ended up picking the full size pack. I have heard and read rave reviews about this pore clay mask, and hoping it really works in cleansing pores and even out the skin texture. 
  • The Face Shop sheet masks

Coming to the last but my favourite product in my current skincare routine is the range of face mask sheets from The Face Shop. I have mostly tried their The Solution masks and Aloe masks which instantly brighten and soothe the skin. 

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know your views on these products or what skincare routine you are following this summer in comments below.


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