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Tuesday 6 December 2016

Hey lovelies!
Did the title intrigue you a little? Well, read on as today I am going to introduce you to someone special in this post.

I have been staying in Delhi since last 6 years now and being single (with my family settled in Punjab), I miss home-made food a lot. And that has also made me compromise on my health, by choosing unhealthy food options - especially when I come home from work - ordering-in and eating whatever junk I crave.

And same has been the case with my friends who stay away from their homes and have a very hectic schedule, making them depend on unhealthy food options. 
With the little time that I have before leaving for work and after coming back home, my go-to choice for food is bread and jam (and I am sure it's the case with most of you too, right?). 

But most of us are not aware about how badly these sugary jams impact our health. Well, even I wasn't aware till I was introduced to a healthier alternative - Dabur Honey Fruit Spreads - which are conveniently called The Adult Jam - my new-found love (Sorry to crush your curiosity if you thought I would be talking about the love of my life :P).

Introduced in four delicious flavors - Kiwi, Strawberry, Exotic Berries and Plum - by Dabur which is a Science-based Ayurveda brand, the Honey Fruit Spread is a healthy fruit spread for all of us who crave jams all day long. And the best part is - these fruit spreads contain 99% pure honey & real fruit bits which means they have No Added Sugar and Colours. 

These fruit spreads also contain the goodness of Honey - therefore, adding more nutrition to these fruit-rich spreads.
While I love having these fruit spreads with slices of breads, you can also can make sandwiches, burgers, rolls, paranthas, toasts and other snacks with Dabur Honey Fruit Spreads.

And not to forget, these spreads are the best answer for those midnight sweet tooth cravings -perfectly healthy & delicious, that too guilt free!

Location c/o : JW Marriot New Delhi Aerocity
Photography : Palak Bohara
I have already moved from the regular jams to the delicious yet healthy Dabur Honey Fruit Spreads! Are you ready to make this healthy move too?

The new range of Dabur Honey Fruit Spreads is priced at Rs 130 for 170 gm, and 370 gm is priced at Rs 270. You can buy it online here Dabur Honey Fruit Spread .


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