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Wednesday 3 February 2016

Hey lovelies!

Its February already and I just realized I was totally inactive on the blog last month, mainly because I was traveling for half part of the month.
Well, I will soon be posting stories and shoots I did while I was traveling and attending events & weddings.

Talking about weddings, Wedding season is in full swing in India currently, and I am sure you all must have atleast 1-2 weddings to attend this season. With wedding season, the most common issue arises ie. What to Wear and How to Style our Clothes without looking boring or repetitive!

Well, finally there is an App which addresses atleast few of these concerns. Focused on Ethnic Fashion and Desi girls, EthnicThread, founded by Saylee Raje, is an app that gives us all a chance to exchange, sell or rent personally owned or designed fashion, earn money and always have something new to wear.

It also serves as a fun way to discover what's trending around the world in Ethnic sphere. I have been using the App since a while, and here's what I like and disliked about the same :

  • EthnicThread is an app focused on Ethnic wear which is a category often neglected by many shopping apps.

  • It enables you to interact with people globally to sell, buy or exchange Ethnic wear.
  • You can also connect with Fashionistas who love to showcase their Personal style and get inspiration for styling your wardrobe pieces.
  • EthnicThread is the first of its kind to give us all ability to do something about our pre-loved Ethnic clothing while giving talented women a chance to list their side hobbies on the app.
  • Instead of being a marketplace, it acts as a social community where you can interact and discover fashion in a fun way, apart from buying or selling goods.
  • Whether you are looking for Outfit inspiration for an upcoming function, or want to sell your hardly used Saree, EthnicThread is your go-to App for all your Ethnic fashion woes.
  • Wish to list your services? You can join the App and list services like Makeup & Hair, Skin Care, Fitness & Dance etc.

The only flip side is that it would take a little while to get a hang of this App and to completely understand how to use it, but once you do, it would be worth the effort.

I have also created my profile there as I am a sucker for pretty Indian clothes, and it helps me connect with people having similar taste in Ethnic fashion, plus offer my Services as a Blogger.

Want to be a part of this fun platform? Download EthnicThread app now from your Android or Apple device :



  1. Great items Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  2. Great Post :)

  3. thanks...may be a good shopping site can be added such as snapdeal, etc..

  4. A very useful app for the ethnic fashion portals. Nice Post!!

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  6. A Voyllawoman is independent, progressive, and truly believes in a woman's choice to look good and feel good.

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  8. This app is very useful for people who are using smart phone these days. I have installed it in my mobile. its great app. function very well. you can shopping Indian ethnic wear easily through it.

  9. Great Work Nikita ji!!!! Thank you much for sharing this information with us. Excellent App helps in interacting freely.


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