#SubscribeToSmooth with Gillette Venus | Week 3 Update | Experience with Gillette Venus Razor

Wednesday 14 October 2015

Hey lovelies!

I am back with the third update of my #SubscribeToSmooth challenge with Gillette Venus.
As I mentioned in the last post that so far I have been having a great experience with the Gillette Venus razor and also tried to bust some Myths associated with shaving.

In today's post I will cover a few more Myths related to shaving and how my skin feels post shaving for 3 weeks.

So, a major question which is also a Myth has been asked to me by many readers and it is that Shaving our Skin causes Discoloration.

Well, after having shaved my skin thrice, I have not felt any discoloration or uneven skin tone. The skin not only remains soft and smooth, but also feels more comfortable with shaving as compared to Waxing which usually causes rashes and redness.

Therefore, you should not worry about the myth that Shaving your skin regularly might darken it.

When it comes to my third experience with the Gillete Venus razor, I shaved my skin before my Goa vacation last week and it was a smooth experience again. It effectively removed the hair without causing any pain or irritation.
Its curve hugging blades make sure that it shaves closely and really smoothly without missing any hair.

I must say though that Gillette Venus has made my life relatively easy, as I don't have to wait for a parlour visit to get rid of the unwanted hair. It's quick, easy and totally safe for the skin.

Stay tuned for my final week update of the #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge!

PS : You can purchase Gillette Venus razor online from Amazon HereThe Gillette Venus razor is priced at Rs.199; the cartridges (pack of 4) is for Rs.449 and the complete gift pack costs Rs.849.

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