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Friday 24 July 2015

Hey everyone!

Few months back I had posted about my Laser Hair Reduction experience with Three Graces, Delhi. That post was after my first session, and having completed 4 sessions for hair removal with Three Graces, I am back with an update on my experience with the same.

I had already covered few important Myths and Facts regarding Hair Reduction through Laser treatment in my previous post and after 4 sessions, I must say the results have been impressive.

While I actually am seeing almost no hair growth in my under-arm area and I infact just waited for my next Laser session to get them removed, the results are slower on the Upper-lip area.

However, the dermatologist had already shared with me that Hair reduction on upper lip area would be slower and would only be effective post 6-7 sessions.

But even then the growth on upper-lip area has remarkably reduced and as I now am waiting atleast 45 days for the next session, I only shave off the upper lip area once in between just to get cleaner upper lip area.

Three Graces Laser Hair Reduction - Room 1
A laser hair removal session only takes 10-15 minutes depending upon the body area and is almost painless.

First, the therapist will shave off hair from the particular area and then would mark the area with a pen. Then a soothing gel would be applied on the area sparingly so that the laser glides smoothly and you don't feel any irritation.

Your therapist will then set a laser power depending upon your hair growth and area, and would use the machine for a few minutes as per the time set in the machine.

Though you might feel a little burning sensation if the laser power has been increased, which I felt during my recent session, but it wasn't something unbearable.

If you really don't like the headache of hitting your parlour every fortnight to get your regular dose of waxing and threading, I really recommend going for Laser Hair Reduction from Three Graces, as not only it causes much less pain as compared to the traditional hair removal methods, but also, over the time the hair growth would slow down extremely and you would have a smooth and clean skin.

Three Graces - Laser Hair Reduction machine
During my last visit to the clinic, I also tried one of their Weight Reduction technologies - Tripollar - which is a revolutionary technology for fat reduction, introduced for the first time in India by Three Graces.

An advanced slimming technology, Tripollar enables inch loss, weight loss and body shaping all at the same time.
In this procedure, you will have to settle down while the therapist uses the Tripollar machine on specific body parts to burn down fat cells.

Tripollar room
The rise in temperature forces the fat cells to secrete fatty acids causing them to shrink. One of the quickest ways to get slim, it did help me lose few centimeters in just one sitting from my abdomen and thighs.

However, this treatment could be little heavy on your pockets. But if you are a working woman or you have a stubborn weight, which refuses to go even after dieting and intense workout, Tripollar is something that you should definitely try.

Facts to Remember while going for a Laser Hair Removal Procedure :
  • It is not a Permanent hair removal procedure, but would efficiently reduce your hair growth so that you only need to shave them off once in few months.
  • You can't wax the particular areas in between the Laser sessions and can only use a Razor to shave them off
  • Smaller areas like upper-lip and under arms take about 10 minutes while full legs or arms can take around 1 hour during each session.
  • Lasers work best on people with pale skin and dark hair. 
  • Lasers kill the hair follicle, therefore you would not experience any in-grown hairs, like you do during waxing.

For more queries, you can reach Three Graces at :
Plot No A, Basant Lok Community Centre, Vasant Vihar
New Delhi – 110057 (India)
Phone – +91 11 4607 5757
Fax – +91 11 4607 5776
Email –

Love Nitika


  1. Great post and amazing pictures :)

  2. sounds like a good laser procedure...I think I would be afraid to do it:)

  3. That's great news! Getting rid of unwanted hair makes a woman more beautiful and clean looking. It really helps that technology already provided solutions to effectively eliminate unwanted hair and make way for a flaw-free skin. Glad everything is going the way you want it to be. :)

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