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Tuesday 26 May 2015

Hey lovely readers!
Remember my post in which I covered my Hair Makeover at Geetanjali Salon, Saket? Well, ever since I got my hair colored from Geetanjali Salon, I have been really impressed with their services and it has become my go-to place for all my hair needs.

Although my hair ends had become little dry due to the color and therefore I decided to get a Keratin treatment to get back the smooth texture of my hair. And this time, I decided to visit the newly opened branch of Geetanjali Salon in GK-1 M Block market last month.

Now, Keratin treatment at Geetanjali Salon is a specialized Gkhair’s Hair Taming System as it has Juvexin that restores hair by repairing and providing them long-term conditioning and protection. Juvexin is the foundation in creating manageable,frizz-free and beautiful looking hair for all those who want it.

I also got a relaxing Pedicure and Manicure at the salon while my hair were undergoing the Keratin treatment. Now, that its been more than a month since I got my hair treatment, I think its the right time I can share my experience and results of the Keratin treatment through this post.

Geetanjali Salon runs over 21 salons alone in Delhi-NCR with the aim of serving the best services not only in hair and beauty but also in bridal make-up and other professional needs. Their latest salon in GK-1 is also one-of-its-kind and offers a wide array of services like Hair spas, coloring, Facials, Manicure & Pedicure etc.

The interiors of the salon would really catch your fancy especially one of the artistically done walls which which will delight your eyes while you are getting your hair cleansed. The interiors are really tastefully done with the lamps on the wall giving a very party-like vibe to the place.

Coming to the services, my session started with a hair wash which was done twice to cleanse the scalp and hair really well. Next, the hair expert applied the Keratin hair-straightening product to my hair.

If you wish to get straight hair, the product has to be kept on for atleast half an hour before using the iron, and if you wish to retain the natural look of your tresses, you can ask the staff to keep it on for just 10-15minutes. As I wanted to retain the wavy look of my hair, the hair expert blow dried and ironed my hair after 15 minutes.

Next, I was advised not to wash my hair atleast for 24 hours for the product to show its best results. If you are concerned that how would you go out with the product on for 24 hours, you should be assured that the product works like a normal serum and doesn't show on your hair. You can just smell the product which has a pleasant fragrance and you won't even realize that you just got a product applied to your tresses.
My hair a month after the Keratin treatment
After washing off my hair, I could really feel the smoothness of my tresses and that the frizz had completely gone. The results last from 3-5 months and you are advised not to use any hair product that contains Parabens or SLS. Even after almost 2 months of my Keratin treatment, my hair still feel soft and are easily manageable.
The best part is that your hair retain their natural texture and shape without requiring any touch-ups and can be easily maintained.

I also got Manicure & Pedicure done at their booth located at the first floor in a cozy corner. The pampering session really made my feet smooth, soft and supple with all the dead skin removed.

If you are really looking for a salon which has expertise in every type of Skin, Makeup and Hair therapies, you must pay Geetanjali Salon a visit and get a service from their expert staff, and you will leave fully satisfied and happy with the results.

It definitely has become my Go-to salon for any Hair or Makeup service in Delhi.
You can contact them at  :

M-19, M Block Market
Greater Kailash 1
New Delhi, India

+91-11-41039280/ 81


** UPDATE - Nov'17 **  : As a lot of you wanted to know about the charges of Keratin treatment, I am sharing the latest starting charges of the treatment here  :
Charges of Keratin treatment at Geetanjali Salon are Rs 6,500 onward 


  1. what is the price you paid for keratin treatment?

    1. Also, there is a new organic keratin treatment in the market by the name Kerarganic. It does not give out any fumes or even itch the eyes and the results are as good as any keratin present in the market. The treatment usually lasts upto 5 months.

      I just got it done would recommend you to get it done too.

    2. It starts at around Rs 5000 + taxes.

  2. Yes what is the cost for it??

  3. Also, there is a new organic keratin treatment in the market by the name Kerarganic. It does not give out any fumes or even itch the eyes and the results are as good as any keratin present in the market. The treatment usually lasts upto 5 months.

    I just got it done would recommend you to get it done too.

  4. What is the cost for new keratin treatment with kerarganic

  5. What was the cost of Keratin Treatment??????... Please reply.... Question has been asked so many times.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hey! Sorry girl, this comment had landed in my Spam folder. It starts at around Rs 6,500 and goes up depending on your hair length. They also keep running offers periodically on the Keratin treatment, you can reach them out here -

  6. Arrey cost bata do bhai Juvexin Keratin Treatment ka...

  7. Hey, please tell whether the hair goes back to being natural after 3-5 months or or it does not? I do not want any permanent change in my hair tresses as earlier I had got smoothening done and it ruined my natural curls. Does Keratin treatment wear off and your natural curls come back? Please give an honest opinion.

    1. Hey! Sorry this comment landed in my spam box.
      After 6-8 months, you will find the shine gone but the texture remains to some extent. I have to the treatment twice on my hair that were really rough and dry, and post the treatments my hair are wavy yet soft, and they definitely look healthy.
      But the hair stylist told me not to get any more Keratin treatment done as it might harm the texture and volume with continuous treatments.

      It also depends upon how many hours you keep the product on, as the longer you keep it - the change in texture will be more .

      I think your texture will come back to some extent but they will look healthy and soft


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