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Friday 20 February 2015

Hey everyone!
Today I am going to write about my second love after Fashion & Shopping as mentioned in the title - Food. Well, if you follow me on Instagram or Zomato, it's not hidden from anyone that I am a foodie and love trying new cuisines very often.

As I live away from home and rarely cook myself, I mostly order order food online in Delhi and it also serves as a saviour for me. With so many online food order websites, the task of ordering your favorite cuisine online and getting it delivered at your doorsteps has become really easy.

Here I am sharing a list of my favorite restaurants from which I love to order food online and have it delivered at my home whenever I feel lazy to cook or when I crave sumptuous meals :
  • Pizza Hut : Talking about Food Home Delivery in Delhi, how can I ever miss Pizza Hut and their amazing range of pizzas and appetizers. Have you tried their new range called Flavors of The World in which they feature wide range of toppings from all around the world? I recently tried their El Mexicano Nacho Pizza and it tastes real good, much better than all their previous pizzas. Though talking about their general range of pizzas, Country Feast pizza has been my all time favorite.
  • Domino's Pizza : So basically I choose Domino's over Pizza Hut to order Pizza online in Delhi only when they are having a 1+1 offer or whenever I am ordering pizza at work where all my colleagues prefer Domino's. Still I do like their Garlic Bread which I don't think any other pizza restaurant does well. Their new Subwich is also worth trying which has a delicious patty between freshly baked crusts.

  • August Spice : It is my go-to restaurant whenever my friends are visiting my place or whenever I am craving North Indian food. Their Kebabs and Chinese starters are to die for, and I totally love their Veg curry dishes, especially Paneer Butter Masala. 
The best part of ordering food online is that you can easily find the Contact details of a particular restaurant from various online directories and place an order online or through a call easily and fuss-free. There are also various options available to make the payment - Cash on delivery, Net Banking or through Credit/Debit card - making it easier at times when you are running short of cash and don't feel like rushing to the ATM to pay the delivery guy.

I have had a very pleasant experience placing online food orders with these restaurants and always rely on them whenever I wish to get home food delivery.

Which is your favorite restaurant when it comes to getting food delivered at home? Do let me know in the Comments below.   


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