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Saturday 17 May 2014

Hi lovely readers!
While I attended the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week held at Pragati Maidan, Delhi back in March, I wasn't able to post the updates from the same. But now I will be posting my favorites from the collections presented during the Fashion Week starting off with the Day 3.
Tilted "V" is inspired from World Sound Powers Blood Earth project which is a New Delhi based collective that constructs multimedia collaboration with South Asia artists on issues of social justice
Frou Frou
The concept is inspired by an average family’s clothesline. The collection pays close attention to beauty in accidental design.

Pia Pauro
The collection is inspired from Scottish glam rock with a hint of Tudor, embroidered patterns and beautiful prints. The collection also showcases on flowing silhouettes.
Urvashi Kaur
Rooted in her aesthetic, most inspired in her sensibility, effortless infuser, Urvashi Kaur, presents SHUNYA. Fabrics flow where the mind doesn’t, and structure persists where rules elude.
Rishta by Arjun Saluja
Between Time' by Arjun Saluja. His search for duality of reality leads him to a collection in which multiplicity is explored via motifs, print, darting, and paneling, yet all this is unified in simplistic, clean, even monastic silhouettes
Payal Pratap
And as the skies turn dark and the view turns cold, color fades away from view. Spring, summer, and fall fill us with hope; winter alone reminds us of the human condition. And to bring a shade of hope in climes so cold, is a collection replete with nature.
A collection inspired by the Japanese Kimono!
Dev R Nil
Monochromes, surface embroideries, harsh geometric prints and few deliberately developed “unfinished” prints are interestingly mixed and layered to tell a story of forbidden love that is broken yet determined in search for its freedom
The look that’s severe, cold yet vulnerable with its softness.
The indifference of the grey and monochromes are warmly hugged by turquoise blue, cherry red, canary yellow, mint blue..
The autumn winter 14 collection of Paromita Banerjee is known as Tana Bana and is all about a tale of the hand-made and the handloom.

The collection transcends into the realm of the minor and hidden, the inauspicious and overlooked, the subtle and evanescent. An approach that celebrates the imperfect, impermanent, incomplete- tarnished and fragmented. An exploration of the delicate balance between materialism and freedom, creating an antidote to the slick, sweet, corporate style of beauty
Abraham & Thakore
This season Abraham & Thakore looks at sleek uniform dressing for the city. A collection based on the urban shikar, where the streets of a city are the terrain, a smartphone the defense. Shaped by a palette based on the golden hues of wild silk, the collection evokes the many shades of khaki with its references to safari, uniforms and combat.
Satya Paul
The concept of deception has been integrated to fuse body movement with clever use of interactive prints. Visual ironies and exaggerated motifs have been employed to trick the viewer and create an element of wonder.‘Icarus’ is an effort to revel in the cheerful, suggest the alternative and slightly alter the envelope.

Among all the collections, my personal favorites were by Abraham & Thakore for their structured silhouettes and one of their kind designs, and Dev R Nil for the unique geometric patterns. Designs by Pia Pauro were also perfect for Autumn-Winter and wearable.
Do you have any favorites outta these?


  1. Lovely n nice post. .

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  2. Great post, love the outfits especially Pia Pauro, I love the lehnga especially <3 Kisses <3


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