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Saturday 19 October 2013

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Its been more than 2 years since I started this blog and till now many of my friends have complained that I focus only on women, and should try writing about men's fashion too. Well today, I am fulfilling their wish with this post on Autumn Winter styling for men.

Autumn is well and truly upon us – although you could be fooled into thinking it’s already winter, the way the weather is going.
Take your mind off the plummeting temperatures and the freezing rain, by indulging yourself in the latest autumn trends for 2013. We’ve put together a few ideas for creating a smart autumn look, that’s perfect for any occasion you might meet this season.
I tend to relegate my collection of t-shirts to the back of wardrobe during the colder months, and instead opt for long sleeved shirts and light sweaters. Wearing a shirt doesn’t have to be synonymous with formality. Take a look at our favourites from the collection of Ralph Lauren shirts at Repertoire Fashion. These classic pieces manage to combine sophistication and style, without feeling overdressed.

I particularly love the button-down collar detail, a classic feature of Ralph Lauren designs. Button-down collars give things a much more neat look. Minimalism is bang-on trend this season. The clean simple lines of these shirts will keep you ahead of the fashion pack.
Pair both of these shirts with something like these black skinny jeans from Topman. Don’t worry about the fashion faux-pas that is ‘double denim’; black jeans are the exception to the rule. For a sophisticated look that’s perfect for evening drinks or a trip the theatre, opt for the light blue shirt. The denim option is a more casual, relaxed look that doesn’t sacrifice smartness; great for autumn strolls and casual lunch appointments.

The key to autumn fashion is versatility. You want your wardrobe to be multi-functional; the pieces you wear should serve you well for casual, as well as more formal occasions. That’s why I’ll be ditching my Converse in favour of some classic dessert boots. Beige, brown and black are safe options, but I’m particularly fond of these blue suede boots by Jeffrey West, for something a little more unique.
Finish off the autumn look, and keep out the chills, with a light mac. Parkas and puffa jackets appear to be dominating the trend for men’s jackets this season and they’re fine for casual dressing. However, something like this Micah Cohen waxed twill mac achieves the all-important versatility of smart autumn dressing.

So, all you need to do is go for similar looks and get set to make a style statement this autumn winter.
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