Hair and Makeup Workshop - Pearl Academy, Delhi

Sunday 12 May 2013

Hey everyone!
First of all, wishing all the beautiful Mothers out there, a very Happy Mothers' Day. Go out, splurge and pamper yourselves and your mothers.. ( Though I believe you don't need a particular day to show how much you love your mother.. )
A couple of weeks back I was invited to attend a Hair and Makeup workshop which was organized by Pearl Academy, Delhi.
I am really bad when it comes to trying new hairstyles and makeup. My usual hairstyles are- leaving my wavy hair open OR straightening them a little. And for makeup, I just apply my BB cream, kajal and a lip balm.
When it comes to getting ready for some special occasion, a lip balm is replaced by a lipstick ( which I have started applying only recently) and I add on a blush and eyeliner.

So, when I got the invite, I was thrilled as I wanted to learn some basic makeup and hairdo tricks.
I attended the day two of the workshop, and learnt some tips on Contouring and application of Foundation and Blusher. It was really helpful, because so far I thought only applying a little blush on the cheeks is enough, but well Contouring does make your face look attractive.

Have a look at the pictures from the Workshop :
Ashima Kapoor demonstrating the use of foundation.
Ashima, make-up expert, teaching students the use of highlighter

Khampui teaching an easy-to-do hairstyle

Glittery Eye Makeup
Have you ever attended a workshop on Hair and Makeup? I think knowing basics on makeup and hair is must, so that you don't need to run to a salon every time you need to get ready for some special occasion. Isn't it?
Let me know your views in the Comments below.

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