OOTD - Winter Love - Lace and Blazer !

Monday 21 January 2013

Heya all !
I hope you all have been doing well, and my Indian readers - enjoying the change in the weather all of a sudden? :D
Well, I surely am.. When we all thought that finally the chilly winters were settling down, there comes heavy rain in Delhi and boom.. its cold again :)
I have taken out all my cuddly sweaters and jackets again. 
On another note I attended London Market Exhibition yesterday which was held at Hotel ITC Sheraton, Delhi. I found few amazing designer stuff there which I'll surely share in the next post.

This outfit post comes quite late giving the fact that these pictures were clicked on the very first day of 2013. Yes, its 20 days late but well didn't I tell ya all - I have become Superrrrrr Lazyyy these days.. Hehee..
Anyways I am wearing a Thrifted Blazer with a cute lace skirt and KAZO top.
Also, as the weather was relatively cold - I preferred wearing warm tights than plain stockings.

(Ohh this outfit also has an interesting story - these studded wedges I had found at a Customs store and I fell in love with them instantly. I wanted the golden ones, but then they didn't have my size in it.. :X
So I wore them for the first time for this shoot and I had hardly spent half a day in them that they broke off - I was completely shocked. I had thought of throwing them at the shopkeeper and demanding my money back if he didn't issue a replacement. But to my suprise he politely returned the money- No Questions Asked - that was really sooo customer friendly :) I hardly find any such stores these days !)

Anyways, enough blabbering! Enjoy the pictures -
Top - Kazo
Blazer - Thrifted
Skirt - Thrifted
Tights - Local Store
Wedges - Local Store
Bag - Local Boutique
Watch - ALDO

So, what you think about this outfit? This is a casual look I prefer when I go out with friends or on a shopping spree ( This day was a mix of both :) ) . There will be a couple of more outfit posts soon!
Loads of love


  1. YOu look so ively and bright!
    Have a great time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  2. Such a pretty skirt! You are at dlf saket :)


  3. Love the lace skirt - so pretty :)

  4. Hi, Many of our fans are looking forward to see pictures from excellent bloggers like you on world's 1st eyewear styling community plus.firmoo.com, could we have the honor to see you there?

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  6. Awesome high heels! You can shop more kind of this from fashionara.com

  7. That's such a pretty skirt...dig that color completely!! Why can't I ever get 'thrift' lucky :( Nude and navy together are such a blockbuster. Love the look :)
    P.S You can never go wrong with lace ;)Can you??

  8. Lovely look!
    The lace skirt is really cute :D


  9. Loving that look and noting is down for something I can wear sometime too ;)

    Love <3

  10. great shoes!!! only if they were still alive ;)


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