Goodbye 2012 - My year in my words !

Monday 31 December 2012

Hey everyone!

First of all, wishing you all a veryyy Happy New Year!

The previous year was a very exciting journey for me as a Fashion Blogger - I never had thought that I'll come soo far, reaching more than 800 followers, being appreciated for my work, getting featured in Hindustan Times, and also being recognized by people for my efforts. 
But all this has been possible also because of all the love of my readers who have also encouraged me to come up with better and exciting posts.
I promise, this year as well I will bring forth much better posts which you'll enjoy reading!

Though at a personal level, the last year had many ups & downs in my life - best friends becoming EX- Friends, finishing up studies ( how badly I miss my college and hostel days :( ] , starting working full-time, meeting some wonderful colleagues and learning many many new things.
Overall, I have no qualms, no grudges for anyone or anything! I just hope the New Year brings much more happiness to mine and everyone else' lives!
Especially I wish that this new year will bring justice to the Delhi Braveheart who passed away a couple of days ago, may her soul rest in peace!
I also wish that our system improves by passing better laws! ( Well, I don't know how long it'll take , but one can just wish )

Here are a few pictures of my favorite outfits from the past year , which ones are your favorite?
July ' 12
November ' 12
June ' 12
December ' 12
October ' 12
November ' 12
March '12 
March' 12
February ' 12
Hope you enjoyed reading my blog this year and will continue doing so in the coming year as well! Your suggestions and reviews are always welcome!
Loads of love


  1. Let me interrupt what you're doing, to send send a big hug, and wish you a happy 2013!
    Best wishes dear friend! I hope your wishes come true in the new year!

  2. Happy new year, wish you all the best in 2013

  3. Love the black and red outfit from February 2012- so chic!

    Here's to a brilliant and happy 2013 for you! :)


  4. you gotta lovely blog!!:) nices pictures!!

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