How to Wear Drapes According to Body Type?

Tuesday 7 August 2012

There's nothing as gorgeous and feminine as Drapes look on women. I love the way drapes can make us look simply elegant to simply extravagant and everything in between.

In the recently organized Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, designer duo Shantanu & Nikhil showcased an entire collection of drapes that best flatter a woman’s curves. Drapes can make any women look curvy and sexier, but one must know about what kind of drapes would suit their body type the best.

So I thought of sharing with you all how one can wear drapes according to their body type -

Hour-Glass shaped Women – With a narrower waist and equal hip and bust measurements, women with this body type should dress to flatter their beautiful curves. These women should wear drapes with low necklines which fall over their natural curves making them look sexier. Ruffles, bows and other details which add volume should be avoided.

Apple shaped Women – With generous bust, narrow hips and thick waist, these women should wear drapes to draw away attention from their middle. These women should wear tops or dresses in the same colour family or monochromes which drape over the stomach area to conceal the tummy.

Pear shaped Women – The most common body type found in Indian women, pear shaped women have smaller bust and wider hips with defined waist. Wearing draped necklines would bring attention to their face giving them a slimmer effect overall. Dresses and skirts which drape over the the hips and thighs are also very flattering.
Rectangular shaped Women Women with this body shape have their hips of a similar width as the shoulders with no defined waist. These women should wear more drapes with ruffles and frills to add volume to their figure. The best bet is to wear tops or dresses which cinch at the waist or add a nice belt to give an illusion of slimmer waistline.
Last but the most important part- don’t forget to add a nice pair of heels, chic statement accessories and your beautiful smile to be a diva that you are!

Don't you just love the feminine aspects of drapes as well? I have a couple of dresses and tops with drapes and they really make me look slimmer and curvy ;) :D

I would be up with an outfit post soon, Infact I want to share what I wore at Rakhi. : )


  1. This is very informative post. I've always wondered if I could pull a wrap dress off. So chic.

  2. I'm totally loving the drape's easy on the tummy area!!


  3. Lovely post!!


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  7. Good work nitika, i myself being a fashion blogger likes the stuff u write.

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  9. I just love the red narrower waist drape. It looks stunning and I feel it will complement every female.

  10. I love the drape trend and I like your drapes wearing idea. I think all women will look gorgeous and beautiful in this type of dresses.


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