400 Followers + Parachute Advansed GIVEAWAY !!! : )

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Hey everyone !!
I know I know I have been super lazy this month and have posted no outfit / haul posts except one !! Lately I have been doing a lottttt of online shopping and also had visited Sarojini Nagar market last week.
Many of the readers have requested me to share my latest hauls, I promise to share them this week !

Ohhh between all this blabbering I forgot to mention that my super beloved blog now has 400 FOLLOWERS !!! Yayyy !!!!!!!! Here are few virtual cupcakes for all my lovely followers and readers who have been continuously supporting and encouraging me !! :)

To celebrate this special occasion ( Yes yes ofcourse its special to me : ) ), I have a small GIVEAWAY for my Indian readers and followers !
If you have gone through my last post, I had reviewed Parachute Advansed Body Lotion for Summers !

They were very courteous to give away a Gift Hamper to one of the lucky readers of my blog !

To win this hamper from PARACHUTE, you all just have to follow a few simple steps-

Follow me via GFC, leave a comment below mentioning your must have product for SUMMERS and leave a comment at this Facebook Post tagging 3 of your friends!
Also tell us, how PARACHUTE has been a part of your lifestyle or which of the PARACHUTE products you have been using regularly?
(PS- Don't forget to mention your FACEBOOK name or Email ID which I would require when I announce the winner! )
Simple, Isn't it? I would announce the winner on July 10, 2012 ! So hurry to win this awesome gift hamper ! Good luck to you all..


  1. My summer must have is A SUN-BLOCK/SUN SCREEN!!! Like must must!
    I've also commented on fb n tagged 3 frnds..-akanksha chawla :)

    1. Hi.. I use Parachute Hair oil regularly. The best choice I ever made.. I've been using it on/off.. since I was a kid.. Love the smell..
      N my summer must have as mentioned is a sun block- nutragena!
      My facebook id- akanksha chawla
      email id: akanksha.chawla13@gmail.com

  2. followed ur blog as Shyla Menezes.My musthave beauty product is a Modicare cleanser and lakme suncreen

    1. left comment tagging 3 of my friends!
      PARACHUTE has been a part of your lifestyle as it fits my pocket and is a real value for money be it its lotion or hair oil.I am a loyal customer for years now.
      FACEBOOK name: https://www.facebook.com/shyla.bhadwal
      Email ID :shyla_menezes@yahoo.com

  3. My MUST HAVE summer beauty product is Avon skin tonner and sunscreen lotion

  4. My Must have summer beauty Product is Avon skin Tonner and Garnier Sun screen Lotion

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  6. Many Congrats Nikita for another milestone u achieved and thnx for yummy cupcakes ;)
    i hv tagged three frnds of mine on FB post ...
    My Must have summer beauty Product is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer...oh just awesome product ...
    but wud surely like to add the ones u r giving (just kidding)...

    thnx for lovely giveaway :) Shilpa Bindlish

  7. My summer must have is A SUN-BLOCK/SUN SCREEN!!!
    email id-parinshah79@yahoo.com
    parin shah

  8. My Summer Must have beauty product is Garnier Sun Screen Lotion & Lakme Sunscreen...:)

  9. My Summer Must have beauty product is Garnier Sun Screen Lotion & Lakme Sunscreen...:)

  10. My Summer Must have is Sun Screen Lotion :)
    My FB Name : Krishna Chavda
    My E-mail ID : krishnachavda.20@gmail.com

  11. Thanks for the lovely Giveaway.

    My Summer Must have product is Parachute Advanced Body Lotion for Summers.

    I have also commented on Facebook Post tagging 3 friends.

    My GFC Name :- Bidisha

    My Facebook Name :- Bidisha Banerjee

    My Email Id :- banerjee.bidisha13@ymail.com

  12. wow very apt 4 this summer ((;
    my summer must have is sunscreen with good spf.
    my GFC name aprajita trivedi
    my facebook name; aprajita trivedi
    my mail id ; ataprajita8@gmail.com

  13. My summer must have is the Sunscreen with SPF 50. Liked & shared your post on facebook.

    My GFC: tazyeen
    Facebook name: Tazyeen Firdous
    email ID: tazyeenfirdous@hotmail.com

  14. GFC name= Naveen Kapoor
    Facebook Name = Naveen kapoor
    email id = naveen.kapoor20@yahoo.com
    Parachute Product That i use Regularly is "PARACHUTE HAIR OIL"
    The Must Have Product i use Is SunScreen Lotion.

  15. Very Nice Giveaway:

    Followed through GFC

    GFC Name: Meenakshi Kapur
    Facebook Name: Meenakshi kapur

    Tagged 3 friends on Facebook Post
    Link: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=310124102410880&set=a.132599403496685.29235.110886779001281&type=1&comment_id=590826&offset=0&total_comments=27

    The must have product in Summers is sun screen lotion and a face wash. I am in the habit of keeping my face clean so I usually take face wash and sun screen lotion when ever am going out.

    I have being using Parachute Hair Oil since childhood and it nourishes my hair and I trust it.

    Email : mikakapur@yahoo.in

  16. Congratulations and wishing you many more followers :)

  17. Amazing giveway, is it international?If you want we can follow also on bloglovin, fashiolista, google+, twitter and facebook?
    I just shared a new video, tell me what do you think about it!
    Come back soon to visit my blog: Cosa mi metto???

  18. Congrats for reaching 400+ followers :)

    Following you through GFC

    Tagged 3 of my friends on the fb post :)

    My must have summer product is the Lotus safe sun daily multi-function sun block, started using it this summer and just in love with it :)

    Since childhood parachute coconut oil has been part of my life, my mom used to give us head and body massage with it :) and infact i used to think there is only 1 coconut oil exist which is parachute :)

    After that recently i also started using the parachute hot oil treatment and parachute ayurvedic and they are also now a part of our family life just like the regular one :)
    Parachute oil is bliss or hair :)

    Email: pooja.kopargaonkar18@gmail.com

  19. re : Thank you for your wonderful comment in my previous post <3

    You are invited to Participate in my INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY


  20. I am in love with parachute's oil which I have been applying since childhood !! :)

  21. I have followed all the steps.. And I have been using PArachute Oil and body lotion since a long time!! They are just awesome : )

  22. congrats
    gfc name-ally tiwari
    tagged 3 friend-http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=310124102410880&set=a.132599403496685.29235.110886779001281&type=1&theater Summer must item for me is deo& powder.
    Have been using PARACHUTE Hair oil since i was small a child,which has helped my hair look beautiful and healthy ,with a silky texture .

  23. congratulation on reaching this milestone !! and thanks for the giveaway <3..

    Well my must have product for summers has to be a sunblock lotion and that too a good one which protects my skin and at same time keeps it hydrated!!

    GFC jasmine bhatia
    FB name jasmine bhatia
    email mailjasminenow@gmail.com

    tagged my friends and commented on the fb link aswell..now fingers crossed!!


  24. well parachute has been an integral part in mine aswell as my familys life..i have been using parachute oil since i was born, till date every wednesday and sunday my mother gives me a parachute hot oil champi and it has made my hair long and lustrous. My mother has been using it since her childhood since my nani used to give my mom a champi daily and even my dad trusts only parachute hair oil since his childhood..so i would say we are a Happy parachute Family ♥

  25. GFC Name-Ally tiwari
    Fb name- Ally tiwari

  26. First of all many congratulation on achieving this milestone.....trust me....for some people this number may not matter at all....but when it comes to how you follow and live ur dream and how u see that people are so well connected to ur dream.....there nothing in this world , which matters more !!

    The essential item for me during these summers is sunblock/sunscreen lotion while m out in scorching sun and secondly lots of water to keep me n my skin,hair hydrated as much as I can....as the loss that our skin and hair suffer during these summers is treacherousness...

    Apart from all this....the Parachute Hair Oil has become the synonym of hair care in my family ever since my family understood the importance of hair care....everyone of family uses parachute hair oil.....jab bhi koi puchta hai mere bal sahi nahi ho rahe hain.....saare bade bolte hain parachute lagao....bal edum achche ho jayenge..

    GFC Name-Shweta Singh
    fb name- Shweta Singh

  27. congratulation on achieving mile stone..way to go
    My must product for summer is wet tissues,sunblock and perfume.
    Gfc name-pallavi tiwari
    fb name-pallavi tiwari
    I have been using parachute hair oil since the day i entered this world,from generation our family is using parachute oil because its the name one can trust on,and helps to grow the hair shiny ,nourished and well balanced.
    And yes trying parachute body lotion these days,and loving it.
    Tagged my friends on the fb link with a comment. :)

  28. Congratulations to you! :)
    My must have products for Summer are Scarf, a sunblock and a talcum powder! :) :) :)
    Me and my family have been using Parachute Hair oil! :) It nourishes my hair alot :) My Father gives me a Parachute Chumpy every week <3
    Parachute is a family brand growing since I was a child...it belongs to me! :)

    GFC Name: Megha Shrimali
    FB Name: Megha Shrimali
    Email ID: shrimali.m24@gmail.com

    Tagged my 3 friends on the FB post link :)

  29. my summer must have is neutrogena sunblock SPF 50... thats he one thing i cant do without during the sumers....
    The only parachute product i have used is their oil and that topoo for many many years.. I use it sometimes on my dry cracked lips and heels and they are completely soft by next day.. Its not just a hair oil for.. Its a multi-purpose oil that i cant do without..

    GFC- shruti shetty
    Facebook name - Shruti Shetty
    email id - naughty1101@gmail.com

  30. neutrogena sunblock SPF 50
    parachute product i have used is hair oil
    GFC- ujjwala dhande
    Facebook name - ujjwala dhande
    email id - usdhande@gmail.com

  31. My must have product for summers are sunscreen, deos and footcream (since I wear open footwear in summers so must take care of my foot to set best foot forward).

    Parachute has been part of my life since age of 3 when I started growing my hair and continues being my champi regime though I now switch between Parachute scalp therapy and the regular parachute hair oil in summers and Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Hot Oil in winters. Last winters I used the Parachute body lotion when I moved toe Gurgaon and believe me my skin was always hydrated even though I was facing the harsh north Indian winters for the first time in 14 yrs.

    GFC: nids (Nidhi Chandna)
    Email: nidhiagera@yahoo.com
    FB: Nidhi Chandna

    1. sorry email id is wrong here...its nidhiagra@yahoo.com

  32. To me, a must have product for summer is my sunscreen lotion! I have a variety of them and use them based on my day's activity and exposure to sun!

    I have been using parachute oil since my childhood days and I love them <3

    Name - Rekha
    FB nmae - Rekha Mohan
    Email - rekha.sriramagiri@gmail.com

  33. Informative piece , I am thankful for the specifics , Does anyone know where I could possibly locate a sample a form version to fill out ?

  34. My partner worked with a blank a form example with this link http://goo.gl/qBdJas


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