Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bid Goodbye to Parlour Woes with Veet Sensitive Touch | Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer Review

Hey lovelies!
Today I am doing a review post after a long time, but I am the most excited about this one.
I am going to write about a product that has definitely solved half (if not all) of my parlour woes, and has come as a knight in a shining armour in my hectic schedule.

With my blog and job as a social media consultant, I hardly get time for myself - especially for daily chores and regular parlour visits. To make the matters worse, all the parlours in my locality close by 8pm while I am able to reach home only post 8.30pm.

That's why since past few weeks, I literally had to skip a lot of my parlour appointments and was looking for a product that I can use at home that could solve some of my worries - like the regular threading sessions. And that's when I was introduced to the amazing new launch by Veet Sensitive Touch™ Beauty Trimmer - that promised to work on face - especially brows and upper-lips effectively, without damaging the skin.

Now, ofcourse I was very apprehensive to try this product at first - as I have never used a razor or even wax on my face - and even the thought of something going wrong with my facial skin scares me.

But I met a team of experts at Veet and when I was assured that this product is different and is designed specially for sensitive skin areas like upper lip, side burns, eyebrows and bikini lines.
- I decided to give it a try.

Read on to know my experience about Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer -


With new Veet Sensitive Touch you can now easily achieve the precise look you always wished for. It quickly and gently cuts and shapes your hair on sensitive and delicate body areas such as face, bikini line and underarms

  • QUICK & GENTLE: easily remove any unwanted hair in one go with no fear of cuts.
  • HIGH PRECISION: dedicated accessories to get precise shaping and styling
  • Also ideal also for quick touch-ups
  • Water rinse-able. 
Box Contains :

The first thing that really impressed me about the Veet Sensitive Touch is that it comes with attachments that work well with different body types. It contains :

For Face :
1 x 2 Sided Trimming head – 16mm and 6mm
1 x comb attachment (2mm & 4mm) to uniform hair length
1 x Styler cap

Other Body parts:
1 x 1 sided Trimming Head (20mm) and 1 x comb attachment to uniform hair length

Other Accessories:
1 x Cleaning brush, 1 x Beauty pouch  and 1 x AA Battery

The beauty pouch comes handy when you just one to keep the trimmer with its cap and carry it in your bag anywhere and anytime.

How to Use :

Now, I will be doing a detailed video and post about the best practices to make the most of this Trimmer and get desired results, I would explain the key usage points here :

  • While using the trimmer for eyebrows- use the small head provided with the kit and add the comb. Steadily move the trimmer against the direction of hair growth to trim the brows.
  • For further shaping of eyebrows, remove the comb and use the high precision head. Touch skin lightly and push it across the eyebrows.
  • Similarly, for smaller skin areas like upper lips and chin, one can use the high precision head and move it in opposite direction of hair growth.
  • For shaving the bikini line, use the large head provided in the kit. Touch the skin lightly and move the trimmer in the opposite direction of hair growth.
My Thoughts about Veet Sensitive Touch :

Using this trimmer is really easy, and as its blades don't touch the skin - there is no fear of cuts. Also, it works very smoothly on the skin, and with its precision head - it gives the best results in less time. 
You don't need to use and pre or post-treatment products like shaving creams or moisturizers while using this trimmer.

Being so lightweight and handy, I have been carrying it in my bag whenever I travel - and I no more have to worry about those pending parlour appointments - as now, I can shape my eyebrows and upper lips at home whenever I want.

PS : You can now buy the Veet Sensitive Touch trimmer at a special discount on Amazon by clicking here - Shop Online !

I would be sharing more tips & tricks about this amazing product on my new Youtube channel - so don't forget to subscribe me there for the upcoming videos. The video on the Veet Sensitive Touch is now live here


Bid Goodbye to Parlour Woes with Veet Sensitive Touch | Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer Review
Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Selfie in Style : A Unique Photography Session by Dabboo Ratnani for OPPO Times Fresh Face in Delhi

Hey everyone!

Last week, the Selfie lovers in Delhi (including us) had a gala time as we received some useful and interesting tips to click those perfect selfies in an exclusive photography session with the famous celebrity photographer Dabboo Ratnani.

The one-of-its-kind photography session was organised by OPPO and Times Fresh Face especially for the finalists of the OPPO Times Fresh Face 2016 and we were also lucky to get some handy tips for clicking stylish selfies.

Joining Dabboo Ratnani for the session was the beautiful FBB Femina Miss India 2015 Aditi Arya, who also shared tips on how to make one's selfie experience stylish and perfect.

During the workshop, Dabboo Ratnani offered the tips with the Selfie Expert ie. OPPO F1s and the newly launched OPPO A57 that are the best smartphones in the market currently loaded with technologically advanced features to click those unstoppable selfies.

Here are a few tips shared during the workshop that helped us understand the Art of Clicking Perfect Selfies :

  • Make sure the light is Perfect - The best selfies come when the lights are bright and highlight the things that you want to show in the selfie. Fluorescent lights should be avoided as they can ruin any photo.
  • Know your Best Angle - Well this isn't anymore a secret, as a lot of us prefer taking our selfies in that best-angle. But if you haven't figured out yours yet,  try yours in different ways before you find an angle that focuses your best features and make them streamlined. One useful tip is to keep your chin down and hold the camera up a bit higher than face level.
  • Crop it Right - We aren't talking about the crop top trend here, but the way to crop your selfie to hide the unwanted features like a weird underarm or heavy arms.
  • Use Filters - All thanks to various in-built filters in the OPPO Selfie Expert as well as a lot of editing apps, you can use these filters to make your selfie rock on social media.

  • Get Makeup for Rescue - No Light? Don't worry, use your favorite highlighter to give your skin an amazing glow that won't be hidden in the selfie. Or use a bold lipstick to get a cool natural effect in the selfie.

About the association of OPPO and Times Fresh Face : 
In the past the two brands have successfully collaborated for the OPPO Times Fresh Face contest which is the most talked about event amongst colleges. OPPO as a brand has also connected with younger audiences well with their extensive product portfolio of ‘Selfie Experts’. Thus this association was bound for excellence amongst the college fucchas. 

Hope you'll use the tips for best use to click your selfies and we assure you won't ever have to retake a selfie again! Let us know if you also have that Perfect Selfie Mantra in the Comments below.

Team TSD

Selfie in Style : A Unique Photography Session by Dabboo Ratnani for OPPO Times Fresh Face in Delhi
Saturday, February 4, 2017

OOTD - Tough Girl Leather | How to Style a Trendy Biker Jacket

Hey lovelies!
We are already in the month of Love, but I still can't get over the fact that how soon January has passed and I couldn't share any of my favorite Winter outfits.

This winter my wardrobe was majorly ruled by dresses and jackets combo as they are so easy-to-style and apt for work as well as parties. Today, I am going to share one of those outfits that can never go out of style.

I am talking about the Biker Chic look that's been ruling the fashion circuits since ages and has been in trend even this winter.  When paired with a cool dress and tough girl attitude, a leather jacket can take your look from dab to a carefree cool girl in a jiffy.

I recently purchased this patchwork jacket in faux leather from ONLY which is a perfect mix of edgy and chic and paired it with an A-line dress from Vero Moda for a look that has an all over self-embossed print.

My knee-length Aldo boots added another biker element to the look without making it seem over the top. I added minimal accessories - a choker and a watch plus carried my ZARA fringe bag that is my latest find from their AW collection.

Jacket : ONLY
Dress : Vero Moda
Boots : ALDO
Bag : Zara
Shades : Rayban
Watch : GUESS
Choker : Carma

You can also achieve this tough girl look easily by finding a leather jacket that suits you the best. Go for imitation leather or PU options that are available at ZARA, ONLY and Promod.

Instead of a dress, you can also wear the jacket with a pair of jeggings and a tank top, finishing the looks with booties and metallic accessories. Don't forget to add a pair of sunglasses with minimal makeup for that edgy look.

Location c/o : The Ashok, Delhi

What's your favorite trend this winter? Let me know in the Comments below.
OOTD - Tough Girl Leather | How to Style a Trendy Biker Jacket
Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Feature : Vibrant Madhubani by Designer Anubha Sharma

Hey everyone,

In today's feature post - we are going to introduce a new-gen designer whose designs are not only unique but also very creative and versatile. We are talking about the upcoming designer Anubha Sharma who launched her brand at the recently held Asian Designer Week. Here are few excerpts of our conversation with Anubha:

Inspiration behind the Collection
“Vibrant Madhubani”, as the name suggests, takes inspiration from the eye-catching art form called “Madhubani paintings”. It showcases the art’s motifs in vibrant colours on the fusion wear. The garments embody an assembly of its classic elements like flowers, birds, animals with an original spin. The silhouettes are a manifestation of modern edge combined with traditional ethos.

Why you chose to launch your brand with Asian Designer Week?
I had seen a Facebook ad about Asian Designer Week, too curious to know what it is all about, I clicked on the ad, which first registered me and then re-directed me to their website. On the website, it was mentioned that I will need to upload a Look-Book to participate. Since, I didn’t have one I thought “maybe next time”. Then, two days later I got a call from Asian Designer Week. I told them the same and they asked for my Portfolio. After seeing my Portfolio, they offered me to participate in “NextGen Fresh Talent” category which was basically for students or someone who has recently passed out of college and hasn’t launched their label. It seemed like a wonderful opportunity to start with and that’s how Asian Designer Week happened to me and my label “Anubha Sharma”.

How do you feel after winning the “NextGen Fresh Talent” Title at Asian Designer Week?
It feels totally amazing. So, I didn’t had any idea about this while I was creating my collection. It was just a few days before the show I got to know that there will be a winner out of all the participants. It feels so good that out of all the participants, I was honoured with this title. It’s very encouraging and motivating for me. It feels GREAT!

Your favourite piece from the collection
This piece has received the most no. of compliments from the entire collection. People from the Industry, my family and friends have all loved this piece and have complimented me for this one.
And honestly, if I hadn’t created this collection and was just a client, this piece would have grabbed my most attention. So, my favourite has to be this one.

Future Plans
I’ll be setting up my unit and get the label registered ASAP. These two things are the top on my list. I’ll be also participating in more no. shows and putting up more stalls and exhibitions. And, that’s the plan for now!

Where is the collection available?
People can get in touch with me to get the pieces of their choice.

Contact Details:
Mobile: +919654597214
Instagram: anubhasharmaofficial

We are also available at “Muse- A Designer’s Commune”, a multi-designer store in Punjabi Bagh.
Address: 10, NWA, Club Road, West Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi-110026

TSD Favorite from the collection :
This intricately designed lehenga is a perfect pick for the ongoing wedding season for the bride's trousseau or even for the bridesmaid. We love the play of colors and the trend cross-over blouse that gives it a modern touch.

Team TSD

Feature : Vibrant Madhubani by Designer Anubha Sharma