Sunday, April 29, 2012

OOTD- ZARA Jacquard Pants !!

Hey lovely readers!!
My blog has crossed 27000 page views and this makes me feel so happy !! : )
Also, I have recently started writing for an Indian Fashion Blog- and you can read my first post there on Types of Jeans for Women by clicking HERE .

Apart from that I'll be coming with an Amazing Giveaway this week for my Blog followers as well as my Facebook Fans. So stay tuned for it !!

I guess this month I have posted very less as compared to the past because there was so much going on in my life which I want to share with you all, but looking for a right time !!
I had many posts planned this month which I couldn't do, like I wanted to share with you all my Summer shopping spree at Sarojini Nagar Market, Delhi which am really excited about. I seriously can't believe that Flea markets can sometimes offer great stuff .

This quick post is about the Jacquard Pants I had purchased from ZARA last month and they are just AMAZINGGGG and the most COMFYYY pair of pants I have ever had !!

Top- Jean Paul Jeans
Pants- ZARA
Shoes- Lal Quarter Market, Delhi
Bag- Gifted by a friend

The top and the footwear you must have seen in my last Shopping Haul. The bag is from Thailand which I received as a gift from a friend.
I am sorry for the picture quality, but I really had no time to get nicer pictures clicked so managed a few by asking my little cousin to click them !!
Would surely get better pictures the next time, so please bare with me this last time !! : )

Loads of love
OOTD- ZARA Jacquard Pants !!
Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Summer Wardrobe Must Haves !!!

Hey everyone !!
I hope you all are doing well.. Its raining here in Delhi and even though the weather is playing cleverly with us by raining one day and being sunny the other.. Still I am loving the summers and enjoying it over here a lott !!

So as the summers take their full shape & form, I have prepared a list of Summer Wardrobe Must-Haves !!
Summers are a time when you can play around with your wardrobe a lot. One can layer up during rainy days and go sleeveless & in short dresses when its sunny outside !!
Following are the trends and clothing items which I feel are in this season and must have in the summer wardrobe-

1. Pastels -

Pastels are a huge trend this season with all the major brand and fashion designers designers showing looks for spring and summer in these pale hues. The upside for the spring/summer 2012 pastel trend is that it's both pretty and appropriate for the season. The downside for petites is that light colors tend to visually add bulk, and just a few extra pounds on a short woman can be more noticeable than it would be on a taller lady.
For those who want to wear pastels, but don't look their best in pastel clothing, it would be easy to add a touch of light color with pastel fashion accessories, such as a pastel handbag or jewelry in pastel hues.

2. Florals

Florals are my favorite trend this spring-summer, and you all might have noticed in my previous post that I have bought many tops and even floral flats to wear this season. You all can also go for floral skirts, dresses and tops which look good on almost every body type.

3. Not so short Shorts-

They are perfect to wear during the hot sunny days. Once you find a style that flatters your figure you can plug shorts into several outfits all summer long. Shorts in dark colors are more versatile and flatter your figure. Skinny legs look best in short loose pairs, Bermuda shorts flatter figures with more hips, and ladies who are bigger on top want to look for shorts that hit above the knee.

4. Skirts- 
The best part about skirts is that you can get a skirt in different lengths suiting your body type and comfort factor. I personally love Knee-length and slightly shorter than knee length skirts. Skirts in floral prints,m peplum skirts, asymmetrical skirts, pastel shades and whites would be a perfect option to wear this summer. 
They can be teamed up with spaghetti tops, sleeveless tees etc. 

5. Scarves-
Scarves are a wardrobe essential as they can not only be used to protect yourself from the scorching heat but also can be styled in different ways to glam up any outfit.
I have purchased scarves in leopard print, hearts and bows print which are available at throw away prices at flea markets too. 

6. Summer Shoes - 

 I feel the most comfortable wearing slippers in summers as they are light weight and are easy to clean even if they get dirty. One can purchase Floral flats ( like the ones in my previous post ) or various slippers and  wedges in vibrant colors and designs.

7. Dresses- 
Dresses are a versatile clothing item which can be worn throughout the year. This summer these trends are a must have- Floral dresses, dresses with ruffles, Peter Pan collars and Asymmetrical hems. Even maxi dresses are a hit this season with many celebrities seen adorning them.

8. Tote bags-

A tote bag is must to keep all the summer essentials one needs while on the go. One can choose from vibrant colors and designs and mix & match them with various outfits.

9. Light Jacket / Shrug-

I always prefer to wear a light thin jacket or shrug over sleeveless tops or dresses while going out, as I feel more comfortable covering myself while travelling in public transport. Also, it protects the skin from sunrays and you always have an option to remove them once we reach our destination. : )

10. Sexy Sunglasses-
And this is the last and I guess most common item which everyone might possess. Big glares not only make face look sexy but also proper UV sunglasses protects from the harmful sun rays.

I hope you liked my list, and if you want to add something please leave it in the comments box. Me and the other readers would love to know more suggestions for Summer Must Haves.

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Summer Wardrobe Must Haves !!!
Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring-Summer Shopping Haul !!!

Hey Everyone !!
So finally I managed to sneak some time out from my busy schedule to do some summer shopping,, Pheww.. what a relief it was.. As I didn't have much time to visit Saket or Vasant Kunj Malls and even my favorite street markets- GK M-Block and Sarojini Nagar , I visited a mall near my place in East Delhi- V3S Mall, which has some decent brands like - Penny Lane, Levis, Pepe,etc. 
I also visited Lal Quarter Market here which is a kind of street market and one can find great footwear and kurtas at reasonable prices here.

I saw so many florals all around- in tops, dresses, footwear, accessories etc.. I was literally tempted to buy them all, but well only bought a few tops and footwears and left the rest for the next shopping trip. 

Not blabbering much now, I'll let the pictures do the talking !! : )

Dress- Penny Lane

Penny Lane
Reliance Trends
Penny Lane
Jean Paul Jeans
Jean Paul Jeans
Flats/Small wedges- Lal Quarter Market, Delhi

 Floral Tie-up Flats- Lal Quarter Market, Delhi
Flats- Lal Quarter Market, Delhi

Do let me know if you liked my shopping haul? Are you also in love with Florals this season?
Also, I want to buy a pair of floral pants, any suggestions where can I find them from?? :O :O

Would be back with an outfit post next week. Till then, thanks for stopping by and reading this post.
Loads of love
Spring-Summer Shopping Haul !!!
Saturday, April 14, 2012

OOTD- Convocation at college- Officially A Postgraduate now !! :D : )

Hey friends.. 

First of all congratulate me for completeing 25000 page views of my blog. Though I need to thank you all first for all the love and support !! :) :)

So you all might have realized my love for dresses by now !! soo while everyone was deciding on which saree/suit to wear at the convocation, I Was pretty sure that which Dress I'll wear !!
OOTD- Convocation at college- Officially A Postgraduate now !! :D : )
Monday, April 9, 2012

OOTD- Lace dress !!!

Hey everyone !!

So am back with another outfit post which was lying in the drafts since few weeks. I had got this extremelyyyyyy ELEGANT LACE Dress from Vero Moda and wore it for a friend's birthday dinner !! And the golden cuff necklace and bracelet was a set I bought from Janpath Market, and they were totally a steal for just INR 150 ( roughly $3 )- cool right?? 
Me and a friend were bargaining for the necklace and we were surprised when we got the bracelet along with it too, had we known they were in a set we would have had paid out more willingly without having to bargain.. But well anything which goes well is a STEAL :D

Dress- Vero Moda
Heels- Local Store
Accessories- Janpath Market, Delhi

 Ohk my expressions in this pic are li'l scary !! :P :D hehhee.. 

I'll post my convocation outfit next week, though I haven't found good pictures in that outfit as we were soo busy partying and celebrating and in the ones I clicked, I look soo dead and sweaty.. But anyhow I guess I'll post them !! : )
Did some shopping today after a long time ( A week or soo ) which I will soon share with you all.
Till then take care and thanks for reading.

OOTD- Lace dress !!!
Thursday, April 5, 2012

OOTD- DJ Night at College !!!!

Hey everyone !!!
I am back after a long time I guess.. ( A week seems long enough to me, as I checked neither nor my blog nor of all my blogger friends).. My Farewell , Convocation and moving out of my Hostel had kept me busy !!

So as soon as I got free the first thing I checked was my blog !! : ) It feels soo good to be back writing this post and sharing with you all the outfit I wore for my Farewell Party !! My frequent readers must have read earlier in my posts, that our college didn't allow us to wear sleeveless or short jeans / capris so me and the girls of my class decided to break this rule At our Farewell though we had received the mail regarding a dress code.
And when all of us reached the venue in our sexy dresses and heels, everyone was stunned. So much that all other girls from other courses who had come wearing normal casuals, went back to their rooms and changed & came back wearing dresses/ sleeveless tops in a haste!! Hahhaa... It was awesome breaking rules for once and being the Show-Stoppers !!! ; )

Soo this is what I wore for the evening. 
Dress- OZEL
Heels- Fornarina
Clutch- ASOS
Accessories- Bought from local market

The one-shoulder dress from OZEL I had been dying to wear ever since I bought it !! My Fornarina heels looked perfect with it, don't you think soo?? I had straightened my hair for the event. Sometimes I think of getting them straightened permanently but the thought of further damaging them scares me away. ( I Once used to have very long & thick straight hair, but gradually the thickness decreased and my hair became wavy). So what do you all think, is rebonding of hair good or not???

I would share my Convocation outfit with you all in the next post.
Till then, keep coming back for more interesting posts. Your comments & support make my day !!

OOTD- DJ Night at College !!!!