Tuesday, August 30, 2011

VIHAAN-ified !!!!!!!!

Hey everyone !!
I hope you all liked the new look of my blog !!
I have been keeping really busy these days coz of the Hectic schedule of classes at my college.. And my college had its First Inter College Fest - VIHAAN ( that's what the strange title of this post comes from :D )!! and the Chief Guest for the Debate event was- Mahesh Bhatt !! yes yes !! you read it right !! heheh !! He has soo much knowledge and experience that it reflected from his words !! Truly I respect him a lott !!!

Also with him came Aman Uppal- a theatre artist ( he appeared in an Orbit Ad with Deepika Padukone) !!
and he is sooooo HOTTTT !!! all the girls got GAGA over him !! And I managed to get few pictures clicked with him !! yay !!! lucky mE !!!!!!!!!!! 

These are few pictures from the 2-day event which I thought of sharing with you all. Also Delhi's famous band- THEM CLONES also performed at our college !! It was a fun night !!

This is what I wore at the first day of the event- { had to keep it simple because our college rules don't allow us to wear sleeveless / shorts /capris : ( }

Top- UCB
Shrug- Thrifted
Jeans- Thrifted
Shoes- Local shoe store
VIHAAN-ified !!!!!!!!
Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BLOG MaKeOvEr !!!

Yayyy !!! Am back after announcing the results of my 1st Giveaway !!! Having 52 followers now and I feel happy !! : ) I hope I reach 100 soon !! 

Although my aim is not to reach maximum followers but just to keep writing and improving as this blog is a thing which I have been writing with full passion after a longggg time !! And I fully enjoy it !!! : )

Anyways I was just looking at my blog page today and kinda thought that it was little disorganized and chaotic !! So I thought of changing the floral background to a little sober one and also I kinda didn't like my blog name much since the beginning but well Nothing better was coming to my mind untill today when this title came to my mind ( yes yesss its inspired from The Princess Diaries - but I didn't read this blog title anywhere else- I swear :D )

So well I found a nice blog header relating to the blog title and Shabbyblogs.com helped me with this lovely background and now I think my blog looks much better than before !!

What do you all think? Please let me know- any suggestions or recommendations !! Am all in for them !! : )
Until then am working upon a review for the Morphy Richards hair styling kit I bought last week. I hope I would finish it by this weekend or sooo !! :O

Thinking of doing an OOTD post soon tooo !!! SOOO much is there on my mind but the hectic schedule at college and upcoming exams are taking a toll on me !! I hope I still get time to keep writing my blog ( which ofcourse I will. )

Ohk enough and done with my blabbering !! I hope you all like the new look of my blog !!
Take care !! Hugs !! : ) <3

BLOG MaKeOvEr !!!

1st GIVEAWAY- WINNER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey friends !!! It had been an amazing weekend !!

Firstly we had a MATKI- decoration contest in college as a part of the JANAMASHTAMI celebrations and my team won a  Consolation prize- though we were wishing for a better one coz we had used sooo much creativity in designing our matki !!! We used SPRAY AND NIB painting as the basics for decorating the matki !! Anyways I am happy that our efforts were appreciated !!

Here's the pic of the MATKI we decorated- 

Coming back to the blog - my very 1st Giveaway ended on 20th August but as was out of town I couldn't announce the results on time. 

So without any delay I Would be announcing the WINNER of my giveaway here. 
There were in all 40 entries ( including the extra entries )
for my giveaway as follows- 

And the winner was chosen form Random.org and the winner issssssssssssssss-
No. 18 !!! : ) congratulationssssssss SWATI !!

Congrats once again Swati !! I would inform you via Facebook and Blog. Please respond within 48 hours or a new winner would be chosen. : )

And those who couldn't win this time- I promise I would keep throwing more and better giveaways. Thanks for following my blog and liking it always !!!

Always welcome for all your reviews / comments / suggestions !!
Love you all a loads !!!
Take care !!

1st GIVEAWAY- WINNER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rakhi - Haul & Gifts !!!

Helloooooooooooooooo lovely fellasss !! !

I am soo soooo excited and happy .. Well the main reason behind it is that I finally walked the ramp at my college's event in the ethnic round, after going thru many kinds of hurdles :D hehehe..
I had worn a Maroon-Green Salwar Suit with heavily embroidered Dupatta.. And I got a lot many compliments for the look too !! : )
All thanks to my sweet friends- Shruti, Swati nd Sakshi !! Also to my partner who asked me to walk with him at the last moment !! :D
( I am not having any good picture of the event, or I would have definitely shown you )

Anyways in the previous post, I Had mentioned about that I had been home for RAKHI and I got lovely gifts too :D ( actually my bro gave me the cash and asked me to buy anything I like for myself )

Soo just sharing with you all what I bought as in my Rakhi gifts : )

I bought these SEXYYYYYY and Super comfortable heels from METRO !!! I am just in love with these.
Rakhi - Haul & Gifts !!!
Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pick of The Day- On the Go Looks!!!

Heyaa fellas !!!
Hope you all have entered my giveaway by now, and if not- hurry!! I have extended the last date for my GIVEAWAY to 20th August, 2011 !! Enter now by clicking here.

Anyways am home for Rakhi ( for My international followers and readers- Its an Indian festival where sisters tie a Rakhi ( bands ) at their brothers' wrists and brothers promise to take care of their sisters forever, Though now its all about gifts and sharing love : ) ) these days, Plus I also had a Laser surgery done for my eyes, and Finally I have got rid of wearing any kind of glasses or lenses... 
Goshhh.. Its such a relief.. I remember how chaotic it was -waking up in the morning, getting late for classes and just fighting with the lenses to get fitted properly :P ... But all that's history now !! ( Touchwood ** )

I was thinking of doing a post on what all gifts I received this year at Rakhi, but yet again couldn't click any pictures till now, would surely do that the 1st thing am back to my hostel.

Hey did I tell ya all, that we have brought a Black PUG at home.. He's really adorable but I find him irritating sometimes as I am not used to keeping pets and for some reasons dislike them,, But this 1 has really caught my attention and I have named him DODO !!! :)

I was checking this contest at ASOS FASHION FINDER about creating an outfit for the Road Trip, and I created 2 of the outfits, which I would personally feel comfortable wearing while on a Road trip !!

Here they are -

In the 1st outift I paired up a Gypsy blouse with cropped trousers which I think would be very comfy and yet stylish for a road trip. A hat is a must if its sunny outside. Also I loved these wedges and I thought they woulddd go best with this look although I would anytime prefer FLATS for an outing or a Road Trip.

The canvas satchel bag is perfect for keeping all those lil must-haves !!
2nd Look-

Playsuits and jumpsuits are one trend which have been in the Fashion circuit since quite a long time and I think its here to stay for lil longer. I loved this Denim Playsuit- its soo chic !! Teaming up with these cute canvas shoes makes it all the more comfy and styish. 
The look can be further accessorized with the Ocean sunglasses, Cross body bag and A skinny belt.

I have teamed up both the outfits with my favorite and necessary accessories- a Watch and sunglasses- I guess they are a MUST before going out for any occasion and can just jazz up any look !!

Well this is it for the day.. I hope you liked both the outfits.. Would post the pictures about my Rakhi gifts and haul soon !! 
I am enjoying the rain , which has finallyy finally arrived to my city. Hope you all are enjoying the lovely weather too.
Take care !!
Tadaaa !!! : ) 

Pick of The Day- On the Go Looks!!!
Saturday, August 6, 2011

[1st GIVEAWAY - M happy !!! [ CLOSED ]

 Helloooooooooo fellas !!!!!

So here I  am with my veryyyy 1st GIVEAWAY !! I had planned to do a giveaway when I have 1000 pageviews but somehow it got delayed and now as I have around 1600 pageviews , 27 followers and around 150 FACEBOOK likes. I have decided to throw this cute giveaway for my followers and FB fans !!

Ohk soo lets see what I got for you all for this giveaway- It has a cute PINK Bag which I specially bought for this giveaway ( I bought a similar in yellow for myself ) 
It has huge space and comes with an additional long strap too. 

Plus Sakshi from DAZZLING BLING was kind enough to sponsor an exclusively made HEART NECKPIECE .

For now this giveaway is restricted to just INDIAN residents and anyone is free to enter following certain rules.

The compulsory rules for entries are-

1. Follow my blog via GFC.

2. Like my Facebook page here- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shopaholic-Me/110886779001281 ( you can check the Facebook like option at the right sidebar too )

3. Like Sakshi's page here- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dazzling-Bling/181870388540562

For additional entries you can follow the following steps-

+1 entry- Post about this giveaway at Facebook ( please enter the Facebook post link in the comments section )
+1 entry - Post about my giveaway at your Blog sidebar ( Please mention your blog link in the comments )

Having completed all the compulsory rules ( plus if any additional entries ) comment at this post with your GFC name, email ID and Facebook name .

The winner would be chosen randomly and this giveaway would run till August 20, 2011. The winner would be announced on August 21, 2011 and would be informed via Facebook or Email id !!!

I promise to throw a huge giveaway on completing my 100 followers too !! I hope you liked the giveaway prizes and would wait for your overwhelming response !!

Take care !!
Tadaaa !!! : )
[1st GIVEAWAY - M happy !!! [ CLOSED ]
Thursday, August 4, 2011

1st OOTD post - M Loving it !! :D

uhmmm.. 1st of all sorry for the stupid Title- but I couldn't think of anything suitable for my very 1st OOTD post at my blog except feeling happy !! YAY !!

I had went to meet a very dear and stupid friend of mine yesterday after around 4-5 months !! I was soo happy and excited to see him after sooooo long !! We went to South Ex market and chatted for hours , teasing and making fun of each other :D

Anyways I had bought this skirt from Forever New a couple of months back but couldn't find any occasion or day to watch it as in our college we have to wear FORMALS !! uhhh !!!

So finally I decided to wear it yesterday as even the weather was hotttttttttt and lil sunny and I decided to pair it up with my Vero Moda top I had mentioned at a previous post.

Top- Vero Moda
Shrug- Local market
Skirt- Forever New
Shoes- Red Tape
Watch- PlayBoy
Bag- Style Drive

PS- Styled by my best nd sexiest friend- SHRUTI !!! :P :D ( happy now?? )

Again sorry for the picture quality since I forgot my cam at home so had to manage the pictures clicked from my phone .. :|

I hope you liked the outfit, do lemme know what you feel about it.

Have a good day.. Take care : )
Tadaaaaaa !!
1st OOTD post - M Loving it !! :D
Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Won A Giveaway- Victoria's Secret Dress !! : )

Hey all !!!
How are you all doing? I have 25 followers now, and even though its not a great number I still feel happy that atleast some people do read my blog and I have got appreciation too !! So that just motivates me to keep writing about the love of my life- SHOPPING !! hehehe :P :D

Anyways I had a tiring day.. travelling in buses in this humid weather is a huge task : ( but can't help it if you are living in a hostel !! Anyways I wanted to do an OOTD post today, but again being lazy I couldn't get my pictures clicked, so I thought of doing this post as it is without any delay.

A couple of weeks back I had won a Victoria's Secret Giveaway thrown by Jiya from Shopping, Style and Us !!! 

The giveaway was about choosing anything worth $30 from Victoria's Secret website and I had chosen this lovely Off-Shoulder Tee Dress which luckily I won. 

I was too surprised when within a week of a mail by Jiya that I would get the dress soon, I received the dress. They really have a very fast shipping !!

The dress came wrapped in a polythene bag plus they included a catalogue of their new collection which has some really sexyy stuff !! ; ) :D

Anyways when I took out the dress I really didn't like it much but yes when I tried it.. It came as WOW !!! I wanted to do an OOTD post with this dress but well ... ALAS !! I promise to do it soon !!! Till then I managed to click this pic myself ( sorry for the poor quality ).

And I cropped my face coz my hair were looking really very messy and uhmm my face looked tired. Still you can have a look at how the dress fit me !! Its a lil loose but the belt at the waist helps me tighten it according to my comfort !!

So just ending the post I would love to thank Jiya once again for throwing this giveaway !!! 

And well this month has started, till now I have promised myself that I won't shop at all so I am just hoping I don't come across something really cute n Sexy which could make me break my promise !!! :D 

Till then would be waiting for your lovely comments. 
Take care !! 
Tadaaa !! ! :  )
Won A Giveaway- Victoria's Secret Dress !! : )